2012 Homeschool Blog Awards Nominations are OPEN


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If you need help figuring out what the Homeschool Blog Awards are about, there’s a REAL big graphic in our sidebar that links to the main page with all the details. Otherwise… if you already know all about the awards and are ready to participate, let’s get started!

Our nominations form is on a Google document online – and you fill the entire form out at the same time (20 blog nominations). We suggest making a little note to yourself on a piece of paper with all of the CORRECT URLS of your favorite bloggers and their CORRECTLY SPELLED blog names so you won’t waste your nomination. Another way to work the form is to use TABS in your browser and look up each blog you want to nominate while you leave the Google Nominations Document OPEN and copy and paste the title and url of each blog over. That way there’s no chance of a misspelling.

Common sense applies on nominating in the categories: dads for dad category, teens for teen category, etc. If the blog does not fit the category, we will delete the nomination. Category descriptions are included as you nominate blogs to make the nomination experience easier.

Keep scrolling down to click on the graphic for the nomination page ꜜ


1. Be sure to check our legal policy: https://hsbapost.com/hsba-legal-policy – by nominating a blog or voting you are agreeing to them!

2. You may only nominate each category one time. If you get kicked out for some reason, you can come back later and nominate again – but only in the categories that you weren’t able to nominate the first time. We suggest you make a list and have it handy – of all the nominations you want to make in EVERY category – and get it done all at once. And remember where you are in your list (check it off as you nominate) so you can start where you left off if you have to come back later for any reason.

3. You may not nominate one blog for more than one category.

4. Authors and administrators of the Homeschool Post are not eligible for the awards – so please don’t nominate them. {We love you, too – and feel free to visit our blogs and comment instead!} If you don’t know who our authors are, a list of them is on our legal page.

5. Remember that we are family friendly due to the fact that most homeschoolers have a bunch of kids looking over their shoulders when they are online. Nominated blogs should be appropriate for all viewing audiences. For more on detailed rules, see our Terms and Conditions. Any blog that does not meet this rule will be eliminated from the voting stage.

6. Please be sure to enter your nomination data correctly so that your favorite blogs make it into the voting stage. Follow the nomination form instructions carefully. With over 1,000 nominations, we cannot verify every incorrect url. Incorrect nominations will be deleted.

7. To be eligible for nomination the blog must be active. If there are no posts in over two months, they are not qualified.

8. Keep up with our Awards Update page until the end of the awards season to find out what is happening. We have a “Updates” section that has the latest.

9. Nominations Begin on October 8th, 2012 at 12:01 (PST) and end on October 22nd at midnight (PST). Voting won’t begin until November 2nd. {We need a little time to get the polls created for you!}

10. If you tweet about the awards on Twitter, use hashtag #HSBA2012 so we can follow along.

Have fun and don’t stare at the computer screen too long. Try not to procrastinate and have your favorite blogs left off the list!

We can’t wait to see the nomination list – we love homeschool bloggers!

Oh… and SPREAD THE WORD: You can do so by blogging about, linking to, tweeting about, facebooking about, google-plussing, and social bookmarking this post!

Click the button or the words below to go to the NOMINATION page ꜜ


{Hint : click the “Nominate Your Favorite Blogs!” above to go to the Google Nominations Document and enter your nominations!}

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  1. says

    This might be a dumb question, but can you just vote for a few categories? I’m not sure I know enough homeschool blogs to fill all the nominations. Also, I am computer/internet illiterate sometimes and I have no idea how to get to the google nomination form.

  2. says

    Well, I’m not computer/internet illiterate and I still can’t figure out how to get to the google nomination form either Mel! It should be a little easier to find.


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