Easy Autumn Craft: Leaf Placemats

Easy Autumn Crafting Leaf Place Mats

I love crafting. I really wanted to be one of those homeschool moms that does something fun and crafty with her kids every day. My dislike of glitter on the floor and complicated projects that leave me doing most of the work is just part of the reason our craft sessions are few … [Read more...]

Don’t Freak on the Delete


I grew up on an Apple IIe. My daddy taught me a lot on that thing. (In retrospect, he did an awful lot of homeschooling of me, even though he sent me to public school.) I learned to type. He would say to me, "These are the home keys: ASDF and JKL;. If I walk by and you're … [Read more...]

The Fight Against Information Overload


As homeschool parents, we all know what a blog is, and I can probably safely assume most of our readers either blog, or read quite a few blogs.  Have you ever noticed just how many blogs there are and how many blog parties and enticements there are out there to get you to sign up … [Read more...]