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My husband was fiddling around in the kitchen, and I called out, “Whatcha making?” To which, he replies that he is trying to make something new with the fried shrimp we have left over and the shrimp stock he made with the shells.

My first thought was, “But what if it doesn’t work? You will have wasted the shrimp.” Luckily, I bit my tongue and didn’t let the critical thoughts escape.

Now, I am not going to eat the new creation {I’m not so much the eat new things type}, but once again I was reminded that I need to be more open to possibilities and be willing to say “Yes!”

As often happens {in threes, no less}, I happened to have had the same message repeated to me several times today.

Rex came to me and said that he would like to learn how to do a cartwheel someday. My response? “Sure, do you want to do it today?” He lit up. I did make him wait until it cooled off as it was ridiculously hot today, but we did do it. So, we got to play for a little while {and, bonus! we discussed the names of a few muscles so he could accurately describe what hurt}, and he even started landing on his feet after several tries – building his self esteem as he learned a new skill.

It’s really hard to take a picture of a moving, tumbling boy

And, I probably completely shocked him when he told me that he would like to get on his computer one day, and I responded with “Sure, let’s do it right now.”

Both of these things were easy for me to do, but just a few days ago, before the return of unschooling, I probably would have said, “Ok, we’ll do that later,” and never actually followed through. How many opportunities have I lost because I didn’t take advantage of their enthusiasm over something new? Well, no more – moving forward, I am committing to say “YES!” as often as I can.

Is there a time when you surprised your kids by saying yes? Tell us about it in the comments!

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    I am trying to purposefully say yes as much as I can lately. I have a really pretty prayer on my site called the “Revised Parent’s Prayer” that I edited from one that was published a long time ago when I was a child in a magazine (my mom clipped). It says something along the lines of “forbid that I say no to my child unless it is something that will harm them” – because so often, our no just means that we are too lazy or uninterested in what they desire or have to say. I want to connect with my kids. Funny how you realize this MUCH more when they are getting to be young adults. Parenting is such a journey of the heart…

    • says

      You are so right, Heather! My kids called me on something similar one day – that my maybe really meant no but I didn’t want to tell them no… no was definitely a lazy thing too…

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