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Can you believe its already Awards time again?! well it is and this year we have so many great sponsors! New and old. Its so great to be able to present some of those wonderful sponsors to you today to wet your taste buds with excitement for the upcoming awards!

Some of this year’s Awards sponsors include…

SchoolhouseTeachers com-bigbutton is donating 1 – OneYear Membership to by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. was created by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine to provide homeschoolers with daily, weekly, and monthly lessons from teachers who are well-known in the homeschool community. We have 17 Schoolhouse Teachers with more Teachers coming on board each month. has lessons for every age from preschool through high school. Using in your homeschool is as easy as Point, Click, Teach!

Approx value $64.26 annual membership fee

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We also have…



They are donating 5 – Ultralingua Prize Pack

Each winner receives two prizes. 1) Lifetime Pro-level subscription to Ultralingua online dictionary, and 2) Choose any single Ultralingua dictionary app for Mac, Windows, or iPhone/iPad. Languages available include Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and more.

Ultralingua is a dictionary software company, made for people who love languages. The company focuses on high quality consumer applications for mobile devices as well as computers and ipads. The dictionaries are made for Mac and Window products, and include many user friendly features, some including:

  • More than 20 translation and monolingual dictionaries to choose from
  • Verb conjugations in all standard tenses and forms
  • Instant translation of number into text, so users can see how they are written
  • Some versions also have favorites, flashcards, and grammar guides

Approx value iphone and ipad app: $19.99 Mac and Windows dictionary: $34.95 Online dictionary subscription: $29.95/year

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Finally today…

Total Yearbooks is donating 1 – $50 Total Yearbooks gift certificate

$50 Total Yearbooks gift certificate to use towards printing a yearbook for your homeschool!

Approx value $50

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These are just three of the wonderful sponsors of this year’s Homeschool Blog Awards. Make sure you stay tuned to see all the rest of this year’s sponsors and be sure to check them out because they have some great products!

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