8th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards!!!


This is the main page for the coming awards season, and we’ll be referring back to it often in the coming months. Important updates will be noted below. (Jump to Important DatesNews, Sharing, FAQ, Prizes, Categories, Contact Us.)

If you are a vendor, check out our prize section. If you are a homeschool blogger this is the post to bookmark from now through December to keep you in-the-know about the goings-on of the Homeschool Blog Awards.



Sept 1—Awards Announced


Sept 5—Sponsor Posts begin once a week

Sept 15—Prize Page goes Live / Early Vendor Registration Ends

Oct 8— Nominations Open to Public

Oct 12— Vendor Registration Closes

Oct 22—Nominations End

Nov 2—Public Voting Begins / Voting is over!

Nov 16—Voting Ends

Nov 19—Winners of the 2012 Blog Awards / Winners announced!

Nov 30—Prize Claim Deadline

Dec 1—Drawing for prizes is held

Dec 14— Winner info to Vendors

Jan 15—Prize Dispersal Deadline


September 1 – All the busy behind the scenes work has gotten well under way and we are gathering prizes for the awards!

September 15 – Our prize page is up! Vendors, if you missed early registration, you can still offer a prize until OCTOBER 12th! Email us soon!

October 8 – Nominations are under way! Be sure to not miss the fun: Our Nominations Post

October 22 – Nominations are over, we are busy preparing voting pages for you, check back FRIDAY to vote!

November 2 – Due to Hurricane Sandy, our team has been delayed in getting the Nominees Page ready for voting. They are furiously working to get it posted, and hopefully we’ll be back on schedule soon. We’re sorry for the delay, and we thank you for your understanding. 

November 3 – Voting begins at midnight.

November 19 – Just listed the winners! Check the link above to go see if you were listed among them! Remember to get your personal info to us (contact/address) so we can get the prizes to you. You have until November 30 to claim your “title” and prizes or the runner up will take it.


We have a page full of various sized buttons for you to snag so you can spread the word on your own blogs.

Here’s the link: https://hsbapost.com/buttons/

(You can find the button page at the top menu as well.)

If you add the 125×125 Homeschool Post button from our sidebar, it will auto-magically be updated to tell you when nominations and voting begin. Just be sure to use our html code provided.

To make the awards even better than ever, we call on everyone each year to SHARE the news about the awards on their blogs, twitter accounts, facebook pages, and other social media platforms. Shoot, you can even spam your homeschool friends via email – whatever works! The more nominations that come in each year, the better… as the number of eyes we have determines the number of prizes we get for our winners.

social media icons

So be sure to let everyone know about the awards  – and don’t forget to subscribe to our feeds so you will get regular updates and won’t miss anything throughout the season!


While our site brings encouragement and great parenting and homeschool-related content to the web all year round, we especially enjoy rewarding our fellow community bloggers during the annual awards season. We are partnering with some wonderful homeschool-friendly products and services to bring our winners prizes and introduce the homeschool community to a whole world of excellent blogs. Be watching for our prize page to pop up so you can see what the winner loot will be!

For those of you who haven’t been a part of the blog awards before (and I’m sure there are a lot of you since blogs tend to multiply and many don’t have a long shelf-life), here are a few FAQs about the Homeschool Blog Awards that you might not know:

1. There are 20 categories (see below) and we’ll have that many winners. Not all categories will win the same prizes.

2. You can nominate yourself, and you can even vote for yourself. We won’t tell.

3. Authors of this site (whose faces you see on the sidebar or in the bottom of this post) are not eligible to win the awards, nor can the collaborative sites they write for (if there is more than one Homeschool Post author writing for the site). Blogs that are nominated must abide by simple rules – to be stated when nominations begin – but the main rule is that blogs must be ‘family friendly’.

4. This year, to make it easier to manage votes and make sure all is fair, we might require a brief registration. This will be decided as the polling begins – and depends entirely on whether there’s a great new poll widget for the new version of Word Press or not. If we do require this, it will be as easy and painless as leaving a comment.

5. If this is your first time visiting the Homeschool Post, please don’t just stick around for the awards. We’re here ‘encouraging, informing, and connecting’ with the homeschool community all year-long. We love supporting homeschoolers all around the web. We offer give aways, do spotlight posts on some of our favorite “nominees” that didn’t win an award, share amazing homeschool and parenting articles, and do field trip link-ups every month (and much more). You can even guest post here! Shoot us a comment to find out how.

6. Be sure to subscribe to our feed by reader or subscribe by email (in the sidebar) and join our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on important updates during the awards season (and all year-long). You can also follow @hsbapost on twitter. The official hashtag for the awards this year is #hsba12.

7. Check out our legal page for specifics on the rules of the contest (we’ll be updating it with 2012 links very soon), and you can check out our About page as well as the individual bios of our authors to find out more about who we are here at the Homeschool Post. We even have a page dedicated to our past blog winners from 2005-2011… and we’ll move 2012 to the winner “hall of fame” page as the new winners emerge. You’ll find a lot of great blogs there (at least the ones that are still blogging!) – and that’s what the awards are about – getting us connected to all the great homeschool blogs on the net to make this homeschooling journey more enjoyable. [As always, if you find a dead link to a dead blog – be sure to let us know. Sadly, that does happen over time.]

8. Check back here at THIS post for updates (see update section above) that pertain to the awards and link to THIS post for the awards season to share information. We’ll be compiling all of the information you need here so you’ll only be one click away from everything awards-related.



We have multiple prize pages. At the bottom of each page there will be a link to go to the next page! Be sure to visit them all! Better yet – click over to see the vendor’s sites and get to know them even better. We are thrilled that they value homeschoolers and homeschool bloggers! Right now you can only go see last year’s prizes by clicking the button in our sidebar. Don’t worry…

2012 PRIZE PAGEs… click here to see the loot! (There are 4 pages and counting…)

We love our sponsors! We plan to introduce them to you three at a time starting next week! We have a special PDF put together for companies and individuals who would like to offer prizes for the awards. Just send us a note at our email address (thehomeschoolpost @ gmail . com) and we’ll get the details out to you. The cut off date for registering as a prize vendor was Oct 12th.

Here are the ways you can partner with the Post:

– You can purchase ad space on the site (ask us for our ad kit and we’ll email you the details)

– You can offer prizes to the winners (and get your name on our sidebar for the year, get mentioned in a post, and have the gratitude of a bunch of fabulous bloggers) – this option has now expired

– You can spread the word about the awards or get together with other bloggers and go in together to award a prize (some of our prize awarders are other homeschool bloggers just like you… one year Sprittibee’s AUNT offered a prize she made herself)

You don’t have to have 20 prizes to participate. You can offer only ONE prize to ONE category winner if you want. It is all up to you.


Make sure to read through the descriptions carefully for each category and give us ALL the information required (if you nominate someone in the methods category, you MUST tell us what homeschooling method the blog advocates). Hopefully you took notes as you surfed the web and you can begin to nominate 20 of your favorite blogs that fit these descriptions below. You can nominate them together – all in one comment – on our nominations page!

2012 Homeschool Blog Award Categories:

 1. Best Homeschool Mom Blog

Everyone is the best homeschool mom for their own children. With thousands of homeschool bloggers out there, please know that there will only be one winner online – but EACH OF US are winners in our own homes. If there’s a blogging mom out there that has been a particularly good example to you and you want to let her know… consider her for this nomination! [Her blog does not have to be exclusively about motherhood or homeschooling.]

2. Best Homeschool Dad Blog

We love to hear what dad has to say. Especially if he includes homeschool posts off and on. [Blog doesn’t have to be exclusively about homeschooling.]

3. Best Blog Design

Here’s your chance to nominate a gorgeous blog design and give a code-and-design savvy blogger a pat on the back for her talent (or give her hired web designer some credit!).

4. Best Photos

This blogger has photographic talent and makes her posts pop with eye-candy. We want to thank those of you who post pictures and graphics that inspire us! The winner of this category will be one that takes her own photos – not someone who only uses stock images.

5. Best Crafts, Plans & Projects Blog

Do you turn to the blogosphere for a steady supply of great craft ideas, lesson plans, or projects that you can do with your homeschoolers? Why not share your favorite how-to blogs that provide us with things to be inspired by and ideas to use with our kids and in our homes.

 6. Best Family or Group Blog

Nominate your favorite Homeschool Family blog or your favorite group blog that is either run by Homeschoolers or discusses homeschool issues. [Blog doesn’t have to be exclusively about homeschooling. Remember that if more than one of our authors are part of the group blog, it is not qualified to win. THIS BLOG MUST HAVE MULTIPLE AUTHORS.]

7. Best Encourager

It is time to say thanks to those bloggers out there who lift you up out of the homeschool “blahs” and help you get back on track. The winner of this category doesn’t have to be perfect or always in a good mood… just someone who makes you feel as if someone else cares and has a positive attitude overall.

8. Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog

We don’t want a strictly political blog that is run by a homeschooler unless quite a few posts have relevant information pertaining to homeschooling. News clips that affect our freedoms as homeschoolers and how homeschooling is portrayed in the media are ideal. We love to hear what other homeschool teachers are thinking and reading and their views on things that affect us all. [This blog does not have to be exclusively about homeschooling, current events, or politics… just a blog that often shares opinions on matters that you enjoy learning from.]

9. Best Homemaking or Recipes Blog

This blog should have content regarding homemaking, housekeeping, tips, ideas for making your life easier, information about raising multiple kids, or recipes that you enjoy trying. [This person should be a homeschooler but the blog doesn’t have to be exclusively about homeschooling, homemaking or recipes.]

10. Best Teen Blog

Let’s encourage those young bloggers to speak up and be a good example for their peers. I have seen so many wonderful teen blogs out there that deserve recognition. Let us know what some of your favorites are! Teen blogs can be any blogs run by teens who are at least 12 years of age. The winners will have to submit permission slips signed by their parents – see legal page at HSBA for more details. [This blog does not have to be exclusively about homeschooling, but homeschooling should be mentioned often or it should be obvious from the template that the teens are homeschoolers.]

11. Funniest Homeschool Blog

We all need a laugh in-between laundry, lesson plans and losing our cool. It is nice to get your smile back so you can share it with your students (who can only take “so much gloom” as Ma Walton said so eloquently on The Waltons television series). Nominate your favorite crack-pot or crack-up homeschool blog here.

12. Best Special Needs Blogger

These are the moms that have the extra challenges – they go above and beyond to help their children succeed. We hope to help connect all sorts of bloggers – special needs included.

13. Best Homeschool Vlogger

It’s a rare treat to get to be the “fly on the wall” in someone’s homeschool. Don’t you always love seeing what’s on other people’s book shelves and watching them demonstrate things on video, though? Vlogging is a wonderful way to spread the homeschool encouragement around on the net.

14. Best Variety

This blogger is one that could fit in any of these categories … but they just can’t be pinned down in ONE. This type of blogger is the ADD hyper-focused type… always moving on from one thing to the next… and always keeping you interested in coming back for more!

15. Best Thrifty Homeschooler

Most of us are homeschooling on a shoe-string. Nominate your favorite money-saving blogger so you can share her tips with the blogosphere and bless a bunch of homeschool children in the process! [Blog doesn’t have to be exclusively about frugality.]


Ever feel like a loser after reading someone else’s lesson plans, seeing their field trip photos, listening to them talk about what they got done today, or seeing pictures of their children’s accomplishments? You were probably feeling the effects of visiting a SUPER-HOMESCHOOLER’s blog. These are the A-list homeschool parents that just BLOW YOU AWAY with their enthusiasm. We all have our good days, but this blogger has us all beat.

17. Best Nitty-Gritty Homeschool Blog

Since we included a category for the Super-Homeschooler… I figured we would add one in for the homeschooler who is brutally honest and open about her mistakes and failures. These are the moms that make you feel better and let you know that it is OK that we aren’t perfect. What would we do without them???

18. Best NEW Homeschool Blog

It is hard making a name for yourself in the blogosphere. A lot of times, you feel as if you are writing and no one is out there. If you have stumbled upon a great new blogger who has a lot of potential and you want to share them with the rest of us… please consider nominating them for this category! [A new blog is one that appeared on the scene during or after last awards season.] If you don’t know many new homeschool blogs, never fear: we’ve got you covered. Visit our “WELCOME WAGON” link up and get acquainted with a few newcomers!

19. Best Homeschooling Methods Blog

There are a lot of methods used to homeschool. Are you a boxed curriculum gal? A Classical homeschooler? An unschooler? Do you thrill on Unit Studies or spend time outdoors doing Charlotte Mason-type nature walks? Are you a mixture of everything (eclectic)? Make sure you tell us what TYPE of method this blog showcases so we can list it on the voting page!

20. Best Homeschooling Nature/Field Trip Blog

Have cabin fever? Looking to get OUT and see the world – sketch it, research it, photograph it? Who inspires you to take the kids out and enjoy Creation? Who makes you scratch your head in wonder while showing you all the fascinating things they have discovered outdoors?


If you have any questions or need to get in touch with our authors, please email us at the following email address:

homeschool post email

We are blessed to be able to serve the homeschool community with these super-fun awards each year and love getting to know so many GREAT homeschooling bloggers and product vendors!


Now get your thinking caps on so you can

dazzle us with your 2012 nominations!!!




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    Oooh, so excited! I can’t wait to see the nominees. Is it wrong that I’ve been checking this page everyday, as if checking it will make it go faster?

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    This is my first time being a part of these awards. How exciting! My eclectic blog has been around since February. I have fun with it. I am interested in receiving more info on guest posting. Thanks!!


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