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Dawn PerkinsHi! I’m Dawn, and I am so excited to be here! I’ll be going by Dawn P., or you can call me Momma Knows. It was my Twitter handle for over 6 years.

I’m in a second-time-around marriage to the man of my dreams. We have six kids between us– 3 girls, 3 boys– a yours, mine, and ours situation that is just normal life for us after 19 years. I am an imperfect person, who married an imperfect person. 18 Years of marriage these days is an accomplishment! We give all the glory to Christ.

Our kids range in age from 11-24, and we get to count six grandbabies now too, all under 5. We had 3 baby grands born in 2013, and added a daughter-in-law and son-in-law to the family in 2012.  Becoming a grandma at 36 was…. interesting, but I love it!

I am still happily homeschooling after 16 years. I am teaching my two sons, 13 & 11. Our 18 year old daughter just graduated with her AA degree and high school diploma in June through the Running Start program at our local community college. We have not homeschooled all the way through with any of our kids but plan to with these last two. My passion is to encourage and support homeschool parents.

We were licensed foster parents for nine years. Over that time we cared for 22 kiddos aged newborn to 16. We were blessed to get to keep two of them (our two youngest boys), both of whom have some special needs. One has developmental delays and is on the Autism Spectrum, and the other has fine/gross motor delays.

Only 2 Of our 6 kids still live at home, and we have an assortment of barking, squeaking, and clucking critters. Our family lives in Eastern Washington, a land of four seasons, two of which I really don’t like very much. I grew up on the coast (of WA, CA, AK and MA), which ruined me for extreme heat or snow, both of which we have here in the Inland Northwest.

I have been online in one form or another since 1997. Way back then I had a homeschool website that no one ever saw and participated in a few Yahoo Groups and homeschool discussion boards. I started my first blog in 2005, which stretched me, and it morphed until our family outgrew it, and The Momma Knows was born. This is where I write these days. I am the techie of this marriage, and besides my blog and social media, I dabble in Photoshop and all things digital.  I manage the website/blog for a homeless ministry called Blessings Under the Bridge, and our family voluteers with them several times a month. Beyond my homeschool blog, you can find me on my “serious writing” blog, DawnMarie Perkins, as well as  FacebookTwitter, The Momma Knows Facebook PageGoogle+, and Pinterest.

I met Jesus when I was 23, after years of living far from him. My life was radically changed, and hasn’t been the same since. I’m still rough around the edges sometimes though, so give me some grace. I’m thankful that God’s never done with us!


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Dawn is still happily homeschooling after 16 years. She teaches her two sons, 13 & 11, enjoying every minute of "the second time around". She lives in Eastern Washington with her husband, the youngest 2 of their 6 kids, and an assortment of barking, squeaking, and clucking critters. She writes at her homeschool/parenting blog The Momma Knows and her new chapter, Dawn Marie Perkins. You can also find her on Twitter @DawnMPerkins, , and Pinterest.

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