Overwhelmed? Be Encouraged!

This is a post from my husband, David.

I have to say that I feel terribly inadequate to write about anything as though I have achieved great success in some area or accomplished all the goals that I’ve set and am now going to teach you how to do it.  The fact is, I seldom, if ever feel that I’m ringing the proverbial bell and I feel that I second guess every decision I make.  Yet with all of this, God has seen fit to put me as the head over an incredibly awesome wife (and by incredibly, I mean very credibly – a little Phineas and Ferb humor) and five wonderful kiddos.

When I stand back and look at all of the responsibility, it’s overwhelming and tends to affect my attitude. 

Then I realize (usually a word from The Lord or a gentle reminder through my wife) that God may give us all of this to overwhelm us in our mind but also to show His power and strength through us.

I’m reminded of Gideon who had a nice army of 30,000 men, then 3000, until finally God whittled it down to 300.  You know they won the battle without even pulling a sword or bow and Gideon is the one who gets the credit.

All of that said, we can know that it’s in the small things where God wins the battles.  It always has been and I would imagine always will be.  We don’t have to be the most prepared or smartest or strongest or wisest (or any other -est you can think of).  It’s the things and times that may seem unplanned or unprepared that tend to make the most difference in other people’s lives.  It’s the word of encouragement to your spouse or child or spending time helping with chores that opens up the opportunity to build them up in the Lord.  It’s the time of helping a neighbor who is sick or has a project that proves our love for one another and ultimately for Christ.

We need never to feel that the work we do is in vain. 

It matters to your kids that you homeschool.  It matters that you teach them responsibility.  You are doing the Lord’s work every day.  Be encouraged.

Blessings to you!  You are loved!



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  1. says

    Beautiful! I love your comment: “we can know that it’s in the small things where God wins the battles.” It’s those little things..the moments that overwhelm me but seem small…the little seconds..that add up and over time…and when looking back are monumental movements in my life!
    Thank you for this reminder!!!!

  2. Rachel says

    Thank you for this! What a beautiful reminder from a Father! The going can get hard at times, but it is then, that we need to step back and take a look at how far we have come & all the wonderful things Christ has already done in our lives! This post was a blessing in my life today!

  3. says

    So true! When we are called to responsibility and we walk in faith in the small things, the seemingly overwhelming things get quietly cared for by the Lord. I need to lean into this right now as I am in an overwhelming season of life. Good word here – thanks!

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