Meet Lisa B!

You’re probably wondering who in the world is “Lisa B”.

Let me help you out, just call me The Tadey (Tay-dee).

I check the box for the 35-40 age group and our family totals six people: myself, the Mr., Doodlebug, Taderbug, Bubbagirl and Lil Man. I always wanted to homeschool. It was sort of like the idea that I wanted to give birth at home in that it was probably never going to happen. The extended family was scared of both ideas, and I just assumed that they’d fear talk us out of it.

I’m happy to say we’ve homeschooled since we pulled Doodlebug out of Kindergarten after six weeks. She starts the “fifth grade” this fall. I also enjoyed having our last two babies at home, in livestock trough “birthing tubs”. I guess that shows that when it came down to it, we stood our ground. We make no apologies. This is how you’ll find my blog: straight up, un-edited, and unapologetic. I write about the realness of my life. The anxiety that makes me question everything, the clutter that never ends, and the tiny moments of pure joy that remind me that my God loves me are all shared on Chaos Appreciation.

Most would call us eclectic homeschoolers. I prefer to call it “Ourschooling”. We do whatever fits our needs during that season, and when the season changes, we change. The season of teaching math while nursing a baby is done, never to return. It has been replaced with the Toddler Season. Prayers for our survival are greatly appreciated.

I’m addicted to office/school supplies. I love zombies. I’m pushing 40 and just now have my first car that I paid for in full without the help of my mom. I have trouble sleeping and love coffee. Hush, those two things are totally unrelated. I love to sing karaoke but will only do it when everyone pretends they aren’t listening. I hate pie. I love brownie mix eaten from the beater. I will drag my feet, cry, and pout over having to leave the house. Once I leave, you’ll be hard pressed to convince me to go home.

Since I seem to be unable to just sit and chill, I also contribute at and am the owner of Spud’s Garden: Blog Design, Graphics, and more. I have written other places online, randomly over the years, and links to those are at the foot of my blog. They include,, Yahoo, and some bloggy guest posting.

I remember Heather inviting me to write a guest post for HSBA Post when we met at the Relevant Conference (now Allume Social). I can not even express how excited and honored I am to now be a regular contributor!

Lisa Baldwin (59 Posts)

Disciple of Christ, Wife, Mother of Four, Homeschooler, Crafter, Designer (Graphics and CSS/HTML), Blogger. I share too much, laugh at the wrong things, and fall on my backside regularly. Thank goodness Jesus ignores all of that and loves me anyway.

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