Fun Writing Assignment: Where I’m From

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Sometimes unexpected learning moments come by a link or a friend’s Facebook post.  As a homeschooling teacher don’t you love that?

My friend, Shelly, wrote this post.  I kept it back in my mind for months.

Then I thought that would be a fun writing assignment for the kids. Not to mention, it would be fun for me, too.

Here is my story:  WHERE I’M FROM

I am from a thicket of trees, from large towering oaks and sweet smelling pines.

I am from the blue country house on the prairie with catfish ponds, long driveways, and sweet cut grass.

I am from bright magenta crepe myrtles, perfume-scented white gardenias, and yellow cape jasmine that filled the air with goodness while swinging in the creaking porch swing.

I am from fresh garden tomatoes, cool crisp cucumbers, and tons of okra that would be fried to a sweet delight.

I am from horse and tractor riding and stubborn opinions and hearty laughs, from the blue eyes, the brown eyes, Czechs and the Welsh.

I am from the hard working and nap taking on Sunday afternoons.

I am from watch for snakes and if you don’t try it, you won’t like it and won’t get pie.

I am from hunting deer to fry and campfires to warm up raw oysters.  I am from those who shoot guns and ride four wheelers and those who drive a stick shift.

I am from those who love Jesus and those small country churches.  Everyone knew everyone and love abounded.  Weddings and funerals were about celebrating life.

I’m from a small country area in Texas that doesn’t even have a post office and homemade fudge and steaks that melt in your mouth.

From the Dad who drove the big fire trucks, rode motorcycles, and worked on trains, to the Mom who coached softball and would slide into home head first, to a brother who would have a cow named Vanna.  From the sister who baked cakes for weddings to the younger brothers who drove race cars and wore cowboy boots.

I am from the worn deep, stained family buffet that holds the large brown leather photo albums, the handmade Mother’s Day gifts, and crinkled wrapping paper.

I am from sorrow and joy. Bad circumstances to living in freedom.

BUT, I am not finished and I am still being formed.  May it always be HIStory!

I had so much fun writing this – love the original template, it made is so simple.

Enjoy this simple and enlightening writing assignment!

If you do this, link your post to the bottom, I’d love to read it!

Blessings to you!  You are loved!

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