Making field trips more educational and rewarding

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Recently, my kids and I have been on a serious road trip across Texas. Over 800 miles – one way.  Texas is HUGE!

I was so excited being in a hotel room with little distractions and lots of homeschooling to get done.

Field trips can be a lot more rewarding if you plan just a little.

  • If you know you are going to visit a certain area, call the area Chamber of Commerce and ask for any brochures or fun things for children to do in their town.  Sometimes they might even have coupons for area businesses.  They also have nuggets that usually aren’t featured anywhere else.
  • Contact the State’s Travel Site.  Texas has an awesome travel book that highlights each towns’ claim to fame.  Plus, it is free.
  • Go to your library.  Check out books that feature people who helped form that area’s existence.  We used a series of books called Legendary Texians.  This helped us understand who Judge Roy Bean was and why we didn’t want to follow in his footsteps.  We had stopped at his “courthouse.”
  • Contact a local homeschooler co-op leader.  Who better to know what field trips to do in an area than a local homeschooler?  I did this when visiting El Paso – talk about a plethora of information.  Deb Roennebeck of Vista Hills Homeschool Ministry gave me tons of ideas that were not on the map.  Not to mention, when I got ill – she helped me find a doctor.  I love how homeschooling helps build a bridge.
  • Make a Lapbook to learn more about the area.  This also provides a place for all those brochures you can pick up at the local travel centers.
  • Give your child a camera and let him or her do a photo diary.  This will also let you in on their perspective and what is important to them.
  • Give an assignment of writing an obituary of a famous person from the area.  Gives the child a chance to really learn about how the person was important and how they made a difference to others.

I would love to hear how you make trips more “educational.”  Let me know in the comments!

Blessings to you!  You are loved!

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  1. says

    When we go on road trips as a family, we purposely take detours to famous landmarks like Mount Rushmore. Then we read about the destinations out loud in the car before we arrive. I had one son, who was 7 at the time, who would read a children’s atlas about each state as we entered it. He had the intonation of a tourist guide. It was hilarious!

    • Lana says

      I love stopping for those side excursions. Makes memories forever!
      We love when we stop at restaurants and they have their history on the menu. We found out Cincinnati chili actually came from Greece. Since we can’t go to Greece – we had Cincinnati chili. :)

  2. says

    For geography, I print off maps before we leave and then let me 2nd grader follow along on the map (or sometimes even direct us) to where we are going. I sometimes print local maps and sometimes overviews, so that he learns to pay attention to the map legend and scale of the map.

    • Lana says

      That is a great idea! My son (and I learned) a whole new learning curve by using our Tom Tom (navigation system) and Google Maps (on the iPhone) at the same time. My daughter had a physical map in the back seat. They ALL took us in different directions. We almost ended up in Mexico. I’m laughing now…not so much at the time. 😉

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