Carnival of the Post and Glo Bible App Winner

Guess what today is? Yep, it’s Friday, but more importantly, today is the day we get to announce the winner of the Glo Bible Premium App.

And, now – drum roll please – Congratulations to Daniele at Domestic Serenity! (Entry #225 chosen by Rafflecopter) Her top three educational apps are Stack the StatesMath Magic, and Brain Pop.

There were so many good apps shared in the comments of 23 Apps for Homeschoolers, so make sure that you go back and look over those. A great big thank you to everyone who participated by sharing your favorites!

Carnival Time

We also thought that we would do something fun this week by having a sort of Carnival of the Post and share what some of our authors have been working on – when they aren’t writing for the Post.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day life of making sure you’re getting it all done. Carlie reminds us that There’s More to Life than Homeschooling on her blog, So you Call Yourself a Homeschooler.

Maybe you’re in search of the Art of Balance? On Raising AutodidactsAngela, who admits that she has to read this to herself daily, has the top five indicators that you may be over-scheduled.

Heather‘s family proves that you aren’t stuck with where you start. They have found their own pace and rhythm, and on her blog, Sprittibee, she shares some of their adventures in the series 10 Days of “Accidental Unschooling.”

Have you ever wished that wildflowers bloomed year-round? Shannon may change your mind when you read her Faith-Filled Fridays: I’m Glad Wildflowers Don’t Last Forever on her blog, On This Glorious Homeschooling Journey.

For a beautiful story of hope that’s just perfect for Mother’s Day, make sure you check out Lana‘s Birthday Letter that Brings Hope that she shares on I Love My 5 Kids. Be sure to have the tissues nearby.

Need to strengthen the obedience muscle in your children? On Tolivers to TexasGwen uses a well-known game to tackle the Crazy Notion of First Time Obedience.

On Whit’s worldWhitney shares how blessed they are to have found a science curriculum that fits their family perfectly with Noeo Science Biology 1…the Journey Continues.

Marshmallows and math? On Math is not a Four Letter WordBon‘s daughter, K8, explains how Flash Cards & Marshmallows [work perfectly for] Teaching One-to-One Correspondence.

Manda celebrated 1 Year of Wedded Bliss on Where the Sun Always Shines with a weekend trip that included a visit to the Mystic Aquarium. You don’t want to miss the Lion Fish or the Moon Jellies.

Looking for a different kind of math program that is easy to administer and delivers results quickly? Gidget is hosting a Learn Math Fast! Giveaway on Homeschooling Unscripted.


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    I appreciate the fact that Sonlight has atdsujed to the changes in homeschooling and is allowing parents to have more options in customizing their own curriculum. The full curriculum package is there but you’re also catering to the parents who either can’t afford the whole package or want to tweak it for their family.

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