A Mom-Blogging Retreat Weekend

Bloggers are a patient group. Especially homeschool bloggers. We wait all year for conferences (that we can’t afford to attend) and rarely get to hang out with people in real life that don’t stare back blankly when we talk about SEO or sidebars. After a Eureka moment, a few of us at the Homeschool Post decided enough was enough, and took matters in to our own hands. We plotted a way to meet up and enjoy being our bloggy selves – together!

Here we are in my dining room – Bon (@mathfour), Kelly (@wisdombegun), Lisa (@pennington9) and little – or rather – too big me (@sprittibee). [Those are our instagram handles – in case you want to look us up!] It was much cheaper to hang out in my house than save up for a fancy hotel (complete with blisters on the feet and wear and tear on the vehicle). I spent my conference ticket price on new curtains, pillows for the couch, and frames for my art. I stocked up on tea-room style foods and bought a bag full of great movies from the Blockbuster that was going out of business near me. I didn’t even have to pack my suitcase!

Blogger Central #hsbloggers #blogging #fun @mathfour @wisdombegun @pennington9

My kids stayed with me because of the nursing baby (he’s almost big enough to wean – but I’m not rushing him – especially not for a blog conference). The big ones helped with the little one (and the three year old went away with grandma for the weekend). My daughter made us chocolate pudding dessert and helped with the dishes (when we weren’t eating on paper plates).

Blogger Snacky Lunch #love

We ate fruit (the best blueberries of the season – thanks to HEB!), cheese, and crackers. We cooked together. We deleted email and un-subscribed to just about everything we’ve ever gotten in our in-boxes. We talked with our video-cams and shared i-Phone app secrets.

Espresso is brewing! #bialetti #illy #coffee #mmmm

We consumed chocolate and Italian coffee. We watched chick-flicks. It was all good.

@mathfour @wisdombegun @sprittibee

Well, until they had to say goodbye, that is.

Lisa snuck out first – which is why she’s not in this last photo. I was glad she inspired me to clean my pantry out, though, and I hope her back recovers from sleeping on my daughter’s bed (mattress on the floor).

It was so awesome getting to know them all better and sharing blog tricks and tips. Isn’t it great to feel “understood”?

We have some amazing women on the team here at the Homeschool Post. I hope you’re stopping by and visiting their blogs (just click their pictures on the sidebar to read more about them). I hope we can plan another one of these little bloggy weekend retreats again before the end of the year.

A homeschool blogging mom needs her IRL time with invisible friends!

How about you? Are you hooking up to people who understand you and encourage you? Everyone needs friends. Tell us how you get together and where you go. We would love to hear your tips on planning amazing mom-retreat weekends.


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  1. says

    What a wonderful weekend! Amy and I have talked about doing this type of thing here with the locals. Looks like you all had so much fun, intimate is usually better. :)

  2. says

    Great fun – and inspirational on so many levels.

    I came home with ideas for Fibonacci pillows and plaques, a new organizing process “Tell Your Time” by Amy Lynn Andrews, excitement to have more kids, oh …and a brand new radiator cap!

    Thanks so much, y’all. I can’t wait until next time!

  3. says

    How wonderful! Looks like you had a fabulous time. If I’m ever in Texas, maybe you would be willing to host a new-to-blogging,’how-to’ type of get-together for novice bloggers like me? Glad you ladies could come together and inspire each other.


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