Mommy Blogging Weekend

Have you ever needed one of those weekends? The kind where you get together with bunch of girls who all understand you?

Some of the writers at The Homeschool Post have decided to do just that – invade one mom’s house, set up our computers and be who we are, in all our pseudo-shining glory: mommy bloggers.

First stop: the Hallmark Tour

We’re trading iPhone secrets (use Diptic, MoreNoel and Labelbox to do groovy things with your photos). We’re learning how to find the MAC address on our computers (it’s the list of hexadecimal digits with all the colons in it).

And we’re attacking and conquering our inboxes –  answering, deleting and unsubscribing to just about everything!

And every word we say is understood.

If one of us says “SEO,” there’s not a blank look at the table. When someone mentions nursing or grounding, we all know exactly what’s going on.

And “moving a site” is as normal as moving a car.

Unless the car won’t move.

Two miles before arriving to my first destination my car started smoking. And I don’t mean Marlboros.

I limped to a Hallmark Tour event (that started the weekend) knowing that AAA would likely be taking the car somewhere far away.

It put a little kink in the weekend.

But we’re all smiling.

We’re in the middle of the weekend. We just had soup, salad and cheese toast. There’s a beautiful crispy-crusted chocolate-vanilla pudding-whip cream “pie” in there that we’re all about to fight over.

And I just got word that the car will be less than $100 to fix.

Life is good.

What does your perfect weekend look like? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to share this on twitter!

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  1. says

    Some day I’ll get to do a blog meet up. OK, wait I did one, but I was good friends with Tracy and she invited everyone else. I think my parents would think I was crazy…

    Have fun guys… and Bon, I picked you out right away in that shirt!!

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