BOB BOOKS Early Readers – Review and Giveaway

I love BOB BOOKS. They are cute, simple readers that are perfect for little ones to start that adventure of knowing how to read.

BOB BOOKS now has some fun, new early readers. These are full-color stories that help launch your child from the simplicity of early reading to the next step.

Discover  NEW Bob Books Early Readers – now in a bright new format! These 32 page, full color stories are just right for your reader who knows the basics and is looking for fun, easy-to-read stories.

Meet siblings Jack and Anna, the two newest characters in the Bob Books family. Jack and Anna have many gentle and humorous adventures together, from getting a new puppy, to learning to ride a bike, to making surprising cupcakes. Your youngster will love reading about Jack and Anna’s funny family adventures.

The first two books in the BOB BOOKS Early Readers series are The New Puppy and Cupcake Surprise. Centered around two children, Jack and Anna, these stories encourage children to try out sentences, practice their phonics, and learn the importance of stories. At the back of each book are flash-cards that have a word to say on the front and a picture with the word used in a sentence to reinforce the context of the word and where the word belongs in a sentence on the back.

My children and I like the cute illustrations. The younger ones got a kick out of the way Jack and Anna’s cupcakes were made. My beginning reader enjoyed having a harder book to read, and even my three-year-old sat down to imitate the words.

The New Puppy and Cupcake Surprise are out now, with four more due to come later this year:

  • Outdoor Adventures (coming Summer 2012)
  • My School Trip (coming Summer 2012)
  • I Can Ride! (coming Fall 2012)
  • Buddy to the Rescue (coming Fall 2012)

*THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – Congratulations to Stephanie!*

Would you like to win The New Puppy and Cupcake Surprise to give to your beginning reader?

All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address included. That’s it! Easy-peasy, right?


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  • Must enter by April 3, 2012, 11:59 PM
  • Winner will be chosen using and notified via email.
  • US shipping address necessary
  • Void where prohibited


Note: A complimentary set of books was received for our honest and unbiased review.

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh, I love BOB books! My four year old has been working on reading those, you know, the really really early ones? But I will so have to look into these!

  2. Amanda C says

    Love the colors on these – yet still isn’t overwhelming. We could really use these as we are just starting to work on reading with our oldest.

  3. Melissa says

    We have some older Bob books that my kids love! They’d go nuts for these! Thanks for such a great give-away!

  4. says

    My four year old son used the original Bob Books to teach himself to read. I’d love to see these New Boob Books Readers. Are they similar in construction to the original Bob Books or are they more like a regular book?

  5. Shani Richart says

    I have a Kindergartener that would love reading from these. He is doing so great with his reading and I know he would be excited to win these! Thanks!

  6. Stephanie O says

    These would be fun for my two and a half year old. She always has a book. She is getting to the point where she recognizes letters.
    shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  7. Yesenia Martinez says

    Would love to add these to my daughters collection. We just started her BOB book collection and purchased the Alphabet set and the Pre-Reading Skills set :)

  8. Michelle Barrus says

    Love these readers, my son is autistic and loves the colors and the way the books are set up… he can read them and his confidence soars afterwards.

  9. Liz Martin says

    I think my youngest daughter would love these! The oldest four of my five kids learned to read with Bob Books. We love them!

  10. Charlotte Sparks says

    The BOB would be great for my pre-K class {and my grandchildren!}. A few of the children in my class are trying to put together simple words to sound out. BOB books would be just the thing to help them.

  11. Ann says

    Love the Bob books for my 1st grade beginning readers; help them gain some confidence in sounding and blending.

  12. Karen says

    My little guy is slowly coming around in Kindergarten. He struggles with some other issues, but at least reading is one of his “likes”. We always read to him and still do, but this time he will enjoy reading the Bob books because it encourages the early reader with great illustrations and simple text. I like the back story of the creators also!!

  13. Pamela Nance says

    I used the BOB books with my son when he was three and he was able to read before age four. I used the same set for my daughter during the same age range. After she was finished with the books I passed them on to a family on our street. Years later, I have a granddaughter who is almost two. She loves books and is trying her best to read lol She would love the BOB books!
    Thank you for the opportunity
    Pamela Nance

  14. Sue says

    I love BOB books! My youngest was so frustrated with learning to read, she used to say, “I’ll never learn to read! Never!” But it was easy for her with Bob books and from there she just took off! Now I’m giving them to nieces!

  15. Keukeu Abdullah says

    We are just starting to learn BOB books for my son. He and I like BOB Books. He will be excited to have this one if we win.

  16. Selena says

    I would love to try these new books out…my granddaughters are both 5 and beginning kindergarten this year …I have never seen these books until just recently and they look like a great way to have fun and yet be a great reading tool for the girls to use..

  17. Rachel Garner says

    Four of my five kiddos started out on Bob Books…would love to have this set to start my 4 y.o. daughter reading:-)

  18. Barb McLaud says

    We Love Bob!!! I am a new homeschooling mom and my son has done so well with the Bob books! I hope to win one for my friend!

  19. Julie Alcantar says

    I would love these books for my son. He is 5yrs old and has just started reading. It would also come in handy for my 3yr old to begin her journey in reading soon.

  20. Cheri Murphy-Hinton says

    I would love to have these for my daughter. She is almost 5 and will be starting kindergarten soon.

  21. Elisa says

    Bob books are so awesome! We have the 3 set and would love to win this
    set for my baby nephews! Thanks for making it fun for my child to read.

  22. carole hannah says

    this would be get for my granddaughter is in 2 grade and having trouble reading. so any books would help. do u have any free books for 2 grades for the kindle.

  23. yenny ongko says

    Wow, I am loving the full-colored illustrations on the new BOB books!! I’m sure my preschool son would love to read them even more than the regular ones that he’s now using.

  24. Catherine says

    We are on the final box of BOB books and my daughter (Sarah age 5) loves them. The next level would be much appreciated :)

  25. Maria Lambrakisw says

    Would love to try these with my 3.5 year old! She’s already able to decode as well as recognize sight words. I’ve always wanted to try BOB books but wasn’t sure if they are appropriate for her yet.

  26. Natalea says

    I have 2 kids coming to reading age and had great help in teaching my oldest to read with the use and help of BOB books. Would love to do the same with my youngest 2. Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. Camille K. says

    I love BOB books!! I’ll be working on teaching my rising Kindergartner to read next year and these would be awesomely perfect to win!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. AnnMPC says

    I used the old Bob books with my oldest years ago. I now have a 3 year old who is beginning to read. I think he would love these! I am excited to see these new additions.

  29. Danielle Hull says

    We had some colored hand-me-downs once, but a clean, complete set would be great! Thanks! hull_danielle at yahoo dot com

  30. Leag Velasco says

    These books come very highly recommended for my little girl. I want to try them out to see if they hold her interest. My daughter turns “wiggle worm” 2 mins into story time.

  31. says

    I used Bob Books with my oldest and now his little brother and sister are starting to jump aboard the reading train. LOVE BOB BOOKS. Thank you for this chance to win some.

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