So Your Kids Are Fighting Again?

Do you wonder if your kids will ever stop fighting? Do you sometimes think they are doomed to be enemies for life?

I bet my mom had moments like that.

“Hey mommy,” I said to my mom one day when I was three, “I’m a sister!”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because I’m a girl.”

After she explained the details, I wouldn’t stop bugging her and my dad until my Little Brother was born.

I was SO proud to be a sister!

Bon Crowder with Wil "Little Brother" Devine

I soon learned the plight I had wished upon myself.

We spent years playing and years fighting. Simultaneously.

He once convinced me to kneel down and close my eyes. I should have known something wasn’t right about that. He had just returned from football practice!

But revenge was mine when the fork leapt from my hands and missed his left eye by only inches. Of course my aim wasn’t good enough to have intended it to miss his eye. And I received the same punishment I would have had I actually struck his eye. No fair.

And now we’re grownups.

We still have our moments. But we both know that we come to the table from a place of love. And a common set of values our parents taught us. Not that we both learned them all, but we each learned enough of them.

Not only that, but instead of becoming staunch rivals, we’ve formed an alliance. Well, more like a club. Okay, really a company. We’re grownups after all, so we can say company and not look like goofballs.

We have a clubhouse (aka an office) that we call the MathShack. And we’re plotting to take over the world. Well, we’re plotting something; it’s just really fun to call it taking over the world.

He’s a licensed professional counselor – fancy title for my dorky little brother. And I have some professional credentials too. We look good on paper.

But we look better when we’re horsing around after a long day hanging out in the clubhouse. Er – I mean working in the office.

"Business Partners" Wil Devine & Bon Crowder

"Business Partners" Wil Devine & Bon Crowder

And Ma doesn’t worry anymore.

And neither should you. If your kids fight, bicker, punch, yell, throw forks or practice football tackling on each other – smile. Even if only in private.

They just might grow up to be business partners.

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    • says

      Thanks for stopping by, Sis!

      I did forget to mention the cool connection that Wil and I have with our other two sisters. We work as a team in many areas!

  1. bunnytrails says

    One can only hope, right? LOL!! My sister and I fought a decent amount as kids, but are great friends now. With 18 & 17 year old boys, I’m still waiting…

  2. says

    Bon, LOVED this post and can totally relate. My brother and I did a lot of horrible things to one another – but now we are very close.

  3. says

    Great post and timely too. Was just thinking today about what to do with my two boys and their bickering – this brings hope. Your blog also brings back lots of memories especially me being the test case for my brother’s antics.


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