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Sally - mom heart conference

The recent Mom Heart Conference left me feeling filled. I am overflowing with encouragement, conviction, and joy. My soul was fed and renewed. I sat in a huge ballroom with over 800 women and we sang praises to our God and the experience, my friends, literally took my breath away at times.

This was how God’s body, the Church, was meant to be.

The many applications of the wisdom of Sally Clarkson and the other women who spoke trickled down into the many facets of me and my home.

In my own homeschooling life, I saw that the getting-everything-done mindset overpowered the indubitable necessity of actually knowing. For my children, their mother is a mess of deadlines and unrealistic expectations. Their natural childish tendency of curiosity has gradually been replaced with a dread of “school time.” Books and tests and sitting at a desk are not necessarily the best way that children, especially the younger set, learn. Instead of finding the joy of learning about God’s creation, education became just another thing to add to the schedule.

I left with a personal challenge to move away from the text materials and draw closer towards living books and hands-on life experiences that nourish their God-given desire of knowing Him and the world He created. I came away desiring to make them well-rounded so that they can shine with His light in a dark world. And I drove home desiring to take a hard look at each of my children and their individual talents and see how I can best build them up.

I challenge each of you to do the same. Whether you have one child or twelve, look at these precious human beings, made in God’s image, and ponder within yourself whether you need to move beyond the textbooks towards a richer experience of education. I was able to see wonderful examples of the well-rounded children Sally and Clay Clarkson have raised and it gave me hope that I, too, can be used to give my children a rich start.

How have you changed the way that you use home education in your children’s lives?
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