FIAR: Ferdinand’s Happy Place… and a Flower Craft

This post is part of our monthly series highlighting books and activities from the Five In A Row (FIAR) curriculum.

Our Five In A Row feature this month is The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. Ferdinand is a calm, mellow bull who prefers sitting alone quietly and smelling the flowers to running, jumping, and butting heads with the other bulls. When he is chosen for the bull fights in Madrid, he refuses to fight, simply sitting and enjoying the smell of the flowers on all the ladies’ hats.

A great activity you can do with your children to compliment this book is to have them draw a happy place pasture. You will first need to cut out several large flower petal shapes from construction paper. Have your child write (or draw) something that makes them happy on each petal.

Next, give your child a big piece of paper and have them draw a scene that would be a “happy place” for them (as is Ferdinand’s tree.) Have them draw a flower stem and center in their picture and paste their “happy petals” around to make a flower.

You can make your own happy place picture with your child(ren), then take the time to share and discuss what makes you all happy and why.


OR… if you enjoy doing crafts, I bet you could find some wonderfully fun flower related ideas on Pinterest. Just sayin’.

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