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      Thanks, Jamerrill! I’m really stoked to be getting the opportunity to share some of my crazy fun ideas on unschooling.

      I’ve already labeled the tiles in my hallway with numbers 0-11. And The Doodle is running down it yelling one-two-one-two-one-two.

      We’ll get to three soon. 😀

      Thanks for the warm welcome!

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    We struggle with Algebra 2 and my daughter is worried she won’t be prepared for her first ACT in the Spring. I think am too. Looking forward to your contributions.

    • says

      Be sure to share your challenges along the way – if you struggle, there are 100 other readers with exactly the same problem.

      I can’t wait to help!

  2. Donetta says

    Welcome! I’m looking forward to what you have to share! I’ve always liked math too and have enjoyed being able to help my kids with it. I will admit that it’s been so many years since I’ve used my mad Algebra 2 skills that it was a little harder to help with that. But Algebra 1 and Geometry I’ve done okay at. 😉

  3. Shannon says

    Welcome, Bon! So glad to have you here. I just hopped over for a visit to your blog and learned so much in the 3 posts I read! What a great resource you’ve created for parents/teachers. I’m always looking for ways to make math more fun and exciting in our home, so I’ll be dropping by your site often I’m sure!

  4. says

    Thanks, Donetta & Shannon,

    I’m so happy to be able to share more math goodies here. I’m glad you’re heading to MathFour, as it’s chock full of stuff. And I can’t seem to slow down (a bloggers best nightmare and worst dream – or something like that :D).

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