My Heroes: Single Moms Who Homeschool

I think all homeschoolers are amazing. Whatever kind of homeschooling family you are, whatever curriculum, style, or flavor you happen to be–I love you already! Every single homeschooling family is going against the norm, breaking out of the box, and doing what they feel is best for their family. {{{Applause}}}

There is a particular group of homeschooling mothers who amaze me.  This group consists of single moms who homeschool.  When I think of  single moms who homeschool, I think of strong women who are creative, energized, and determined to give their children the very best. For the next several week’s we will be highlighting a single mom who homeschools. Be inspired as they share with us!

Today’s Hero: Regina Lewis

What advice would you offer to other single moms who are thinking about homeschooling?

I truly believe God has called me to educate the boys at home so I get my faith from that. I see the young men they are becoming and my pride just swells. You need confidence, support, drive, desire, and a love for your children that knows no bounds.


As a single parent, I have to work and homeschool and it has been successful but not without a few errors along the way. I had to be honest about the type of work I could do while homeschooling (eliminating any type of telephone work). Have a schedule where homeschooling is the main focus with the other responsibilities scheduled around it. We homeschool primarily in the morning, leaving our afternoons free for library visits, doctor appointments, etc.

Managing the Household

Involve the kids with household chores. It has taught my boys to be independent and proud of their home. We do not do fast food meals. Instead, I use my crock-pot to make nutritious, home-cooked meals. I put the meal together early in the morning and by the time we are done in the afternoon, dinner is ready. The awesome smells from the kitchen can be a bit distracting! I have been known to frequent Wal-Mart at 5am to get the weekly shopping done. I plan menus on Saturdays for the entire week.

Two of Regina's Homeschooling Boys


Do not be intimidated by the price of curriculum. There are many free sources online and the library contains a wealth of information for homeschoolers. We visit our local Goodwill regularly and we find great book finds, supplies, and even desks. You don’t have to break the bank in order to homeschool your kids. Find a co-op in your area for support. If there isn’t one, think about starting one. Ask your librarian about homeschooling groups in your area. If you have a church, have them pray for your homeschool’s success.

As a single mom, what kind of support system do you have?

My eleven-year-old attended a brick and mortar school prior to homeschooling. Due to several terrifying incidences at school, I brought him home to homeschool with the other boys. Once he was at home, it become evident very quickly that there were major gaps in his learning. His school progress reports said he was doing well but my report card had him failing miserably. My four-year-old had just been diagnosed as autistic and I was busy with therapies and enrolling him in an early learning program. The other boys, ages 8 and 7, are independent learners and continued to do well. On top of that, I work from home as a customer service trainer during the morning hours. The eleven-year-old needed much more one-on-one attention than I could give him.

My mom, who lives over 400 miles away, stepped in to help. I packed up my son and sent him to my parents for 4 months, where he received the one-on-one instruction he desperately needed. By the time he finished his school year, he had completed a research paper and had scored 2.5 grade levels above average on the standardized test I administered. I wasn’t the only one who celebrated his triumph – my parents, the church, and all of the kids praised his hard work.

I know many parents get opposition from the other parent when it comes to homeschooling. Fortunately, I do not have that issue as he is extremely supportive by buying curriculum and books and asking about their progress.

Three big homeschooling boys!

What are some awesome ways that you’ve seen God bless your homeschool?

Our family has been able to share our successes with others who are thinking of homeschooling. The time we spend together has been an absolute blessing to our household. I have been told by many who visit our home or see us out in public that we seem peaceful. Believe me, we are!

I was able to buy my first home last year, with God’s blessings.

We have plenty of room for our books and toys, a great backyard where the boys can play football. We all talk about college and life after homeschool so this time we have together is precious to all of us.

I am responsible for my children and that includes their education. I can’t see us living any other way!

You can also find Regina at:

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Thank you Regina for sharing with us!  You are doing an amazing job and God is doing great things in your life!

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  1. says

    Thank you for allowing me to share our story. You are so right when you say God is moving us to do awesome things. I am blessed to be able to witness them every day with my boys.

  2. Tammy says

    Regina, two and a half years in just four months??? What an amazing achievement! Congratulations to him and his support team! Give me hope for the 1.5yrs we need to advance….. Thanks for the article!

    • says

      Tammy, let me tell you: my mom has plenty of gray hairs to show for all that hard work! I was so disappointed in the school system. I really feel like they let him fall through the cracks. He is so much more confident with his school work now. Good luck in your homeschooling year!


  3. Tameka says

    Wow! What an encouragement! After years of marriage, I am now a single mother of 5 who has such a desire to homeschool my children! I am extremely nervous because my children are 17, 10, 7, 6 and 4! We are an African American family and you would not believe the response when I tell people I desire to homeschool. Wen have gone from upper middle class to barely maintaining middle class living. God has taken care of us for months. God has given me sole legal and physical custody and I am ready to bring my babies home. I have LIMITED finances. Any advice you could offer would be welcomed!

  4. Tara says

    What an awesome inspiration! I believe God led me to this specific post at the right time. I’m new at homeschooling my 9 year daughter who went from being active, playing outside with her friends, dance class to limited activity, wheelchair, walker and living with chronic pain everyday in a matter of days. The doctors have yet to figure it out. It’s been 5 long months. The public school did not accommodate my daughter’s needs so that she’s comfortable with learning. Of course I had to research seeking other options for her education. Online school enrollment was denied. So, I talked to my friend about homeschooling who has homeschooled all of her kids since the beginning. I thank God for leading me to this post because I know in my spirit that this is confirmation that I am doing what is best for my daughter.


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