t is for {sweet} tea, travel, and texas

P is Popsicles. W is for Watermelon. B is for Beach Balls.

What have you been shootin’ this week??

T is for {sweet} Tea in my world. And Travel. And Texas. That’s where we are headed. For a Total of Two weeks. (We are almost through one.) We drove through Tennessee on our way, only to make a pit stop in Arkansas. Although that doesn’t start with T. I think I am already Tired.

There is no telling how many pics I have shot thus far on this Trip, but I realized today I have over 700 on my phone. I may need an intervention, y’all. Although they aren’t all from this Trip. A lot are from NASA. Which begins with N. (which I promise to tell y’all about Next week)

Are you familiar with the A B See Meme? You can join at any time – hop in and out through the weeks as you need, and it never matters with which letter you start. You can see we have participants at every stage of the alphabet. Just include this button in your post or sidebar (or both) and play along!

Check out the loot for this month’s lucky winner from our fab sponsor Mabel’s Labels. Their Colorful Skinny Mini labels can be put to great use – labeling DSLRs, point&shoots, or a video cam. Extra lenses or lens caps. The possibilities really are endless!

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Check out the top 5 photos from our Flickr group this week::

B is for BelugaB is for Beluga ~ by rachelofcourse

 E is for Eclipse. E is for Eclipse. ~ by OKhomeschoolmom

H is for Hydrangea. H is for Hydrangea. ~ by lucilollipop

 M is for Macro.M is for Macro. ~ by CrumleyFamily

 E is for Eclipse.Y is for Yosemite. ~ by jlsgrant

– – – – –

Want to join us?? You don’t have to be a photographer. You only have to take a picture representing any letter of the alphabet, post it on the Flickr group. Turn this into a homeschool assignment for your older kids or do it with them! If you have a blog, please use our graphic that links back to the introduction post. All ages are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Jump right in! We are drawing a winner next week!

Happy clickin’!


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