When in Doubt….Doubt the Limits

I’m Mama to a living breathing miracle.

No, seriously.

There were those who had Parker’s time here on earth pegged at less than a year.

I remember rushing our Brave Hero into the ER one night.  The Intern asked us if we wanted to sign a DNR……just in case.  Reed and I looked at each other and then gave the Intern an emphatic, NO!


Then there was the day, after spending almost three weeks in the hospital with Parker, one of his doctors called our home.  “I wanted to tell you,” he said, “that nobody believed that Parker would make it the week.”  “But he did.  You refused to give up, no matter how many curve balls we sent you. You took it all in stride and just kept going.

I spend a lot of time worrying about Parker’s health.  The extra chromosome is NOTHING compared to a life threatening illness.  As a matter of fact, I’ve grown to love and have a great respect for that microscopic little bit that has made my life much richer.

There is one thing I’m learning.  It’s a simple little idea.  One that all of us can use in our lives.

When in doubt, doubt the LIMITS.

Never doubt your child’s ability to achieve a goal.

Never doubt your child’s potential.

Never doubt his divine purpose.

There are so many who choose to doubt the value, the worth, the reason for the life of a child with special needs.

They try and set limits on who is worthy to be born, and who isn’t.

I’d like to challenge all of us, each time we find ourselves doubting…..to doubt the limits.

When our hearts whisper to us of hopes and dreams for our children, don’t think, ‘but what about….?’

Doubt the limits.

Don’t allow yourself to doubt your child’s ability.  Don’t allow yourself to doubt your ability.


Doubt the limits.

Then proceed to make those hopes and dreams come true.


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    How utterly precious! I love how the Lord delights to work through the special, the weakest, simplest or smallest to demonstrate His greatness and goodness! Thanks for your inspiring message!

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    You brought me to tears this morning. Yes, yes, YES! We have had diagnoses and projected guesses at how far his development will take him. After agonizing over them, crying over them, and stressing about them, we finally decided to ignore them. He’s already come farther than the developmental ped said that he would. He’s doing better than we envisioned after the bombs she dropped on us. And I don’t want to hear it any more. He’s the way God made him, and he blesses us every single day. That’s enough. Thank you for posting this!

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    Thank you for a wonderful reminder to doubt the man made – not the God made!

    For those of you who are led – please consider the 40daysforlife.org prayer vigils going on now through April 17. We PRAY for every child to be born, and for every parent to choose life.

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    AMEN, and amen! Thank you for the inspiration, and the reminder that GREATER is He who is in us (and our children) than…

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    he’s a living doll – love him! i sent a link to a friend who is fighting to advocate for her special needs children! Thank you for sharing! kelli

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    God Bless you and your beautiful son, Parker. He is a such a God Given Blessing to this earth and he is so lucky to have you as his mommy. I absolutely loved your post. I have two special needs children (well, actually one is 25 and the other is 17) and they put the ‘special’ in special needs. Thank you for sharing.

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