2010 Awards Nominations are Open!

The 2010 Homeschool Blog Awards Nominations begin today! Are you ready?

Please be sure to enter your nomination data correctly so that your favorite blogs make it into the voting stage. Follow the nomination form instructions carefully. With over 1,000 nominations, we cannot verify every incorrect url. Incorrect nominations will be deleted.


1. Be sure to check our legal page – by nominating a blog or voting you are agreeing to them!

2. Nominate only one blog per category – once. That means once you have logged in and nominated, you can’t come back and do it again, unless you didn’t nominate someone in all 20 categories. Once you have all 20 nominated, you are finished.

3. Do not nominate one blog for MORE than one category. Sorry, but no more nominating your mom’s or best friend’s blog for all 20 categories.

5. Remember that we are G-rated here at the Homeschool Blog Awards and family friendly. Nominated blogs should be appropriate for all viewing audiences. For more on detailed rules, see our Terms and Conditions. Any blog that does not meet this rule will be eliminated from the voting stage.

6. If you need to refer back to the categories, go to the Awards Update page and re-read them. Remember that they have changed this year. We deleted some and added others. It wouldn’t hurt to get a quick refresher.

7. Nominations end on October 30 and voting won’t begin until November 6th, but keep checking back here for updates and be sure to spread the word so we can get to know a lot of great new blogs this year!

8. Remember not to waste votes on The Homeschool Post authors—we love you, too, but we can’t win.

9. If you tweet about the awards on Twitter, use hashtag #HSBA so we can follow along.

10. Have fun and don’t stare at the computer screen too long. You have 16 days and it isn’t a race to see who can burn their retinas and stay up the latest.

We can’t wait to see the nomination list – we love meeting new homeschool bloggers! Oh… and SPREAD THE WORD: You can do so by blogging about, linking to, tweeting about, facebooking about, and social bookmarking this post!


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  1. says

    I keep thinking of blogs Id like to nominate and coming back. Hope it’s not too confusing! I’m just very disorganized. Only nominating each category/person once, though!


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