7 Ideas for Summer Math Practice

7 Fun Ideas for Summer Math Practice. Hands-on summer homeschooling series at hsbapost.com

  Just because you are taking a break from your formal homeschooling for the summer, doesn't mean you can't find plenty of ways to include fun summer math practice. This applies to year-round homeschoolers who want some summer-themed math practice, too. Use inexpensive … [Read more...]

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling on a Budget

Want to add some frugal Charlotte Mason inspired learning to your homeschool? Check out these great ideas! hsbapost.com

  If you love the process and methods of Charlotte Mason but shrink away from the expense, I have great news for you -- it is possible to use Charlotte Mason in your homeschool on a budget! I have gathered some of my favorite tips and resources to show you how to reduce … [Read more...]

Your Child Has Special Needs, Too

Don't all kids have "special needs" in regards to their education? That's why homeschooling works! Read the reasoning at hsbapost.com

"My kids don't go to school?" [silence, mild contemplation] "Do you homeschool them or something?" "Well, we don't use that term....but yeah." "Why?" "My kids have special needs." "Oh." [apologetically] [end of conversation] Now, in general I don't … [Read more...]

Unexpected Lessons from the Life of Fred Math Books

Unexpected lessons we've learned in our homeschool from the Life of Fred math books. hsbapost.com

  We've been using Life of Fred math books in our homeschool for about 7 months now. We're using the Pre-Algebra series with my 8th grader and the elementary series for my kindergartner and second grader. They love it! The stories are engaging. For kids who love to read, … [Read more...]

11 Brain Breaks For Your Homeschool

11 easy ways to work brain breaks into your homeschool day. hsbapost.com

  In the course of a school day you may need one, two, or more brain breaks to give the brain rest and keep happy attitudes flowing. Here are 11 ideas for brain breaks for the kids as well as you! 11 Brain Breaks For Your Homeschool Dancing- A great way to … [Read more...]