Experience Astronomy in Your Homeschool

6 Reasons to Experience Astronomy in your Homeschool, plus a coupon code to save 15% off the online course! hsbapost.com

  Did you see the recent Perseid meteor shower? Did your kids manage to stay awake late enough to enjoy it, too? Looking up at the sky with wonder is something we tend to take for granted, but it's a great learning experience and can create family memories … [Read more...]

The Crafty Classroom Homeschool Giveaway

Win a $30 gift certificate to the Crafty Classroom online store at The Homeschool Post! hsbapost.com

  If you're anything like me, you're still hammering out your plans for the upcoming homeschool year and looking for great deals on curriculum and supplements. Last spring I discovered The Crafty Classroom estore and fell in love with the gorgeous printable resources … [Read more...]

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Foreign Language to Learn

3 important things to consider when choosing a foreign language to learn in your homeschool. hsbapost.com

  Learning a foreign language isn't just about the language itself. Learning a language can help you to understand different cultures, to understand and connect with people from other countries, and can even help you understand more about your native … [Read more...]

Delight-Directed High School Credits

Can you continue delight-directed learning for high school credits? Read this post to find out how to make it work! hsbapost.com

  Let's face it - it seems easier to go the Delight-Directed Learning approach with younger students than when they are in high school and you have the sense that everything needs to "count" for credit. I do know families that are able to cover all the necessary courses … [Read more...]

7 Ideas for Summer Math Practice

7 Fun Ideas for Summer Math Practice. Hands-on summer homeschooling series at hsbapost.com

  Just because you are taking a break from your formal homeschooling for the summer, doesn't mean you can't find plenty of ways to include fun summer math practice. This applies to year-round homeschoolers who want some summer-themed math practice, too. Use inexpensive … [Read more...]