Winners of the 2012 Homeschool Blog Awards!

We have winners! Below are 20 categories, the blog name, and link for each winner. We put these awards on each year so that homeschoolers can find a great list of resources, encouragement, and inspiration to stay the course! Everyone nominated in our awards each year is … [Read more...]

Digitally Disciplined

Admit it. The computer - particularly the internet - can be completely addictive. For me, it usually goes something like this: First, I quickly check the email. Then I hop over to Facebook, again real quick, to see if Emily answered my message yet. And, oh, look! Jim … [Read more...]

Hope for a Homeschool Mama

Are you feeling discouraged today? Me too. My husband is in the middle of a month-long missions trip and we miss him. I used to think the last month of pregnancy exceeded the bounds of time, but I was wrong. This is the month that is setting records. Between concerns … [Read more...]

Toddlers and Homeschooling


They are busy. All day long. Those little toddlers, bundles of energy, move around all day, jumping from thing to thing to thing, only resting when there's food, or a story, or a nap. And you? You're trying to teach math. But that toddler? That toddler really isn't interested … [Read more...]