What I’ve Been Reading Lately

A collection of interesting reads from around the web. Charlotte Mason, homeschooling, etc. hsbapost.com

  Last year on my blog there was a series of posts called "Reading List on the Net." It was essentially a "What I've Been Reading Lately" compilation. I read a lot of things which admittedly are mostly on the internet. These were blog posts, articles in online newspapers … [Read more...]

3 Indispensable Ways to Encourage Boys to Write

3 ways you can encourage your boys to write in spite of reluctance or dysgraphia. hsbapost.com

  Guest post by Susan of Successful Homeschool Mom   Starting at about age 6 most boys develop the dreaded pencil allergy. The thought of writing even one short sentence about their favorite game can trigger an attack because the sheer amount of steps involved … [Read more...]

6 Super Homeschool Curriculum Supplements

6 Super Homeschool Curriculum Supplements You Need! Math, science, art, history, + more! hsbapost.com

  Does your homeschooling take a slower pace for the summer? Is it a time for you to work in some electives or interest-led learning that gets lost during your "regular" homeschool schedule? We homeschool year-round, but we definitely enjoy a slower pace during the summer … [Read more...]

3 Fun Ways to Keep Learning All Summer Long

summer learning ideas that don't involve textbooks or electronics

Picture the happy scene. Your kids are taking a school break for the summer. The family is spending quality time together. The kids play outside from dawn to dusk. Every day is a joy.  Ahhh. Except it’s not like this in my house. Yes, some days are. But then there are those days. … [Read more...]

Educational Activities for Summertime Learning

7 ideas for educational activities you can do this summer in your homeschool. Keep the kids learning year-round, but still enjoy the summer! hsbapost.com

  Even if you are not in classroom mode, learning can take place year round in your homeschool in and out of the home. Summer is no exception. There are many activities that stimulate your child's brain and imagination that are fun as well and make great Educational … [Read more...]