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The Homeschool Blog Awards wouldn’t be possible without our great sponsors, so we want to take some time to thank them!  Please remember to visit their website and social media links to show your appreciation.

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Lamp Post Homeschool

Lamp Post Homeschool offers affordable, family-friendly homeschool curriculum with a Christian perspective, both online and in their store. As veteran homeschoolers, they understand the difficult decisions and sacrifices that parents face when choosing to homeschool, when selecting the right curriculum, and when living the homeschool life. They want to help parents enjoy teaching their children at home and to keep on homeschooling.  Lamp Post Homeschool also maintains a blog full of helpful information and encouragement.

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In celebration of the Homeschool Blog Awards nominations and our redesign here at The Homeschool Post, Lamp Post Homeschool is giving away a $50 gift certificate for homeschool curriculum in their online store!  Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win.


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Sara (33 Posts)

I'm a reader, writer, dreamer, wife, and homeschooling mom of 3 girls. We take a relaxed, eclectic, Charlotte Mason-leaning, Montessori-ish, literature-rich, delight-directed, almost unschooling-at-times approach to learning. Lots of unit studies, field trips, and lapbooks, too. I like to blog about our learning adventures (plus faith and encouragement) at Embracing Destiny.

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Making History Fun with Fabulous Books

I love this month’s theme of History!

I’ve already told you that my favorite history program is the Mystery of History. And Misty recently shared some great history television shows with you.

So today I want to focus on another one of my favorite ways to study history – with living books! There are way too many great living history and historical fiction books to name them all, so I’m just going to focus on a few of our favorites:

American Girl books

These books are fantastic for teaching girls about different time-periods in American History.

There’s Kirsten Larson who sails to America from Sweden in 1854 and has to learn a new language and new culture once she arrives.

Then there’s Felicity Merriman, a spirited horse-lover during the Revolutionary time period. Feeling torn between her best friend (a loyalist) and her father (a patriot), Felicity has some very difficult decisions to make.

My personal favorite American Girl is Kit Kittredge – She’s a writer from my home state, so I immediately connected with her (she even looks a little bit like me!). Kit grew up during the Great Depression and she really brought life into the realities of hardships people faced during that time period.

There are 12 different historical book sets in all, and you can read about all of them here.

A word of caution: American Girl has changed out their books to a new BeForever line. They’ve modernized the historical characters for this new line so I recommend either visiting your library or purchasing the older historical versions off eBay.

Caddie Woodlawn and the Little House books

I honestly didn’t know if my outdoorsy, adventurous child would like the Little House books, but she LOVES them! Make sure to check out this tip about how to listen to the Little House books for free.

Caddie Woodlawn is also based on a true story, and she’s considered the more adventurous version of the Little House books. Fun and spirited, Caddie will be read and treasured for many years.

Abbie Against the Storm

My girls absolutely love this book about lighthouses and a brave girl who needed to take care of the lights while her father was away.

In Grandma’s Attic

The author shares stories her own grandmother had told her, and each chapter is filled with adventure and good morals. Even my husband gets a chuckle out of some of these stories!

What are some of your favorite fabulous history books?

Davonne (9 Posts)

Davonne Parks is a married Christian homeschool mom who began teaching her children at home in 2009. She blogs about cultivating a heart for motherhood, as well as organization and simplicity, at Davonne believes that some of life’s richest moments happen when we embrace the beauty of imperfection as we extend grace to ourselves and others. She’s written two eBooks, “101 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms” (free to her blog subscribers) and “28 Days to Timeliness: Tips and Confessions from a Semi-Reformed Late Person.”

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Four Great Television Shows that Allow Kids to Experience History

I shared before ways that our family brings history to life with our children.  We love to experience history through hands-on experiences, field trips, and co-ops. However, often times there is not a feasible way to accomplish this. When this is the case, we turn to television to bring history to life. Here are four great television shows that have helped our children experience history.

Experience Historyphoto credit: Funky64 ( via photopin cc

Liberty’s Kids: This show is fantastic, really! My girls have learned so much through this show. It takes your children to the time period of the Revolutionary War. While watching it they will meet people from history like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Phyllis Wheatley and more. They will also be taken back into time and experience the Boston Tea Party, Battle of Bunker Hill, The First Independence Day, and many other occurrences during that time period.

Dear America: These videos are based on the Scholastic books and tell the fictional stories of girls living during various time periods in American History. The stories are told as if the girls were writing in their diaries about their experiences. Some of the time periods addressed include sailing on the Mayflower, the Mexican American War, and the Civil Rights Movement.

How The States Got Their Shapes:  My husband and I enjoy watching this show with our kids. It takes you through our country state by state. You learn interesting facts about each state and its borders in a fun way. It is a fun way to learn geography and state history at the same time!

Learn Our History: These DVDs were created by Mike Huckabee and take students back in time to see U. S. History in the making. There are 35 DVDs in the series and they include the Mayflower, World War II, The Cold War, Election Day information, Civil Rights, and many more great videos!

{I have watched many episodes from each of these shows, but use your own discretion when viewing with your children.}

What shows would you recommend to help children experience history?


Misty (4 Posts)

Misty Bailey is a wife to Roger and a homeschool mom to three beautiful blessings. She resides with her family in Southern Ohio. She loves helping new homeschoolers and has a free Homeschool 101 eBook for those getting started. She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey.

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Homeschool Products from Nest Learning
***3 FREE Complete Drawing Lessons from the SEE THE LIGHT 9 DVD/36 lesson ART CLASS curriculum that is used by many homeschooling families. Recommended for ages 6 + +***