Language Arts – Covering the Subject

Is it really necessary to study reading, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, composition, and literature as separate subjects? In our experience, the answer has usually been "no" and being able to combine the different aspects of Language Arts has kept the entire subject more manageable. Homeschooling language arts.

Effective communication skills are some of the most important things students will learn, and will help them be successful in life after high school. Reading well is essential to learning and taking in information; and writing well makes it easier to communicate with others. It's … [Read more...]

What is Unschooling?

What is unschooling? Find out in the homeschool methods series at The Homeschool Post.

  Even people who have been homeschooling for a while might not understand all of the various schools of thought in the homeschool community. If you have been curious to learn more about the concept of unschooling, hopefully this post will answer some of your … [Read more...]

The Eclectic Homeschool Method

What does eclectic homeschooling mean? Learn about this homeschool method in the Homeschooling Methods series at The Homeschool Post.

  After homeschooling for so many years, I've heard a lot of questions from a lot of people. Some people really want to learn while others just want to criticize. Anyway, one of the funniest questions I ever heard was "What in the world is electric homeschooling?" The … [Read more...]