Your Child Has Special Needs, Too

Don't all kids have "special needs" in regards to their education? That's why homeschooling works! Read the reasoning at

"My kids don't go to school?" [silence, mild contemplation] "Do you homeschool them or something?" "Well, we don't use that term....but yeah." "Why?" "My kids have special needs." "Oh." [apologetically] [end of conversation] Now, in general I don't … [Read more...]

Learn with Math Games

A round-up of free & frugal math games to make learning fun!

  How do you study math in your homeschool? Do your kids enjoy worksheets or flash cards? Do you take a living books approach a la the Charlotte Mason method? What works for your kids? Regardless of whether math sends them into tears or cheers, most kids will enjoy … [Read more...]

Learning Styles – Help or Hindrance?

Are learning styles in homeschooling a help or a hindrance to your child's education?

In this post, let's talk about "learning styles," which is big in education today. Google "learning styles" and you receive over 23 million results. (For the more visually inclined, check out Pinterest.) What does it mean? Let's start by defining learning styles. Simply: … [Read more...]

Making Learning Styles Work For You!

How to make learning styles work for you in your homeschool.

A long time ago, when I was still new to homeschooling, I made what turned out to be a very helpful discovery - learning styles! Of course it's easy to figure out that some people can read a book and easily take in all the knowledge presented in it, while other people need to … [Read more...]

References for Educational Philosophy

References for understanding or choosing your own educational philosophy

Here is the final post in the Towards A Homeschooling Philosophy series. In this post, I hope to give some resources for those interested to help understand philosophies more and how they affect how we teach. It will not be exhaustive and it is bound to be lacking. Therefore, I … [Read more...]