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No-Fun Homeschool ~ Learning is its own reward {some games are educational, though!}

The No-Fun Homeschool

I have to take a deep breath whenever I hear the words "fun" and "education" combined. Whether it's a parent asking me to recommend a fun math curriculum, a book touting fun ways to incorporate learning, or seeing some edu-software or app … [Read More...]

Wildlife Adventure Sea Turtle unit study review

Wildlife Adventures With a Sea Turtle Unit Study From Adventure Homeschool

My younger girls love animals, so we take every opportunity we can to do animal unit studies. I recently saw the Wildlife Adventure unit studies from Adventure Homeschool. These are downloadable unit studies that can be used to involve the whole … [Read More...]

Delight-Directed Homeschooling Success Story at

Delight-Directed Homeschooling Success Story

  Guest post by Lelia Rose Foreman. Many years ago at a homeschool convention, I heard a speaker (possibly Gregg Harris) talk about delight-directed schooling. I would have loved that back when I attended public school, growing depressed … [Read More...]

This Month in History blog series at The Homeschool Post

This Month in History – October

I have a huge book on one of our bookshelves with the title "20th Century Day by Day." It has over 1500 pages! This is a book with news stories from the 20th century. I was considering scouring the internet for some history for October and then … [Read More...]

an overview of the Life of Fred Language Arts series for middle school and high school

A Look Inside Life of Fred Language Arts

  Have you found a Language Arts program that works well for your middle or high school students? I've been looking into Life of Fred because I've heard so many good things about it. I found this basic overview to be helpful in getting a … [Read More...]

A comparison of homeschool methods or styles for kids on the autism spectrum

A Comparison of Homeschooling Styles for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

  Guest post by Kerry Jones. It’s one of a homeschooling parent’s favorite questions for each other: “What is your homeschooling style?” If the question is new to you, then you are likely new to homeschooling! Don’t worry, it won’t be long … [Read More...]

back to school survival manual

Back to School Survival Manual

    Is your new homeschool year in full swing now?  Does it feel a little bit chaotic breaking in a new routine?  Are you a year-round homeschooler who needs to re-focus and refuel right about now? I've just finished reading a … [Read More...]

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