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Defining Success in Your #Homeschool @hsbapost

Defining Success in Your Home School

What does it mean to succeed? What does it mean to be successful and how do you measure success in your home school? Do you measure success by how much your children accomplished today, this week, this month? It's still early in the traditional … [Read More...]

Switched on Schoolhouse 7th Grade Bible review #hsreviews @hsbapost

Switched-on Schoolhouse from Alpha Omega {review}

When I first began homeschooling officially in 2006, I quickly learned that there were a few legendary names when it comes to homeschool curriculum.  Tried and true, trusted, longstanding pioneers in the homeschool community.  Alpha Omega is one of … [Read More...]

Free #Homeschool Resources @hsbapost

My Favorite FREE Homeschool Resources

  Youtube We have YouTube playing continually all day long at home. At the moment, John is obsessed with some 24 year old young man's piano channel. Christine is always playing music in the background while she does her math or plays … [Read More...]

My Favorite Things for Homeschooling with ADHD - Look! We're Learning!

My Favorite Things for Homeschooling with ADHD

We're homeschooling several children with ADHD in our family, so we've had to make some major adjustments to our homeschooling approach over the years. One of the biggest adjustments has involved adapting my teaching style. I tend to be a … [Read More...]

Favorite Free #Homeschool Activities

3 of My Favorite FREE Homeschool Activities

Earlier this month I told you about a few of my favorite homeschool things. Now I want to share a few of my favorite FREE homeschool activities! 1) Exploring Nature Whether we’re finding new nature preserves to visit, looking for acorns in … [Read More...]

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