Thanksgiving Writing Activities and Prompts

thanksgiving pies

  Just because it's the week of Thanksgiving doesn't mean you can't incorporate a few fun writing activities and prompts into your homeschool days. Even if you traditionally take time off from formal schooling, you can still find engaging and inspirational ideas to … [Read more...]

The Cornucopia of Homeschool Blogs

A Cornucopia of Homeschool Blogs @hsbapost

  I am profoundly grateful that blogs came about when they did. You see it was writing a blog that not only reignited my own stalled education....but also blogging that led me to discovering homeschooling in the first place. Amazingly, I was 30 years old and had … [Read more...]

Create a Newsletter for Fun and Practical Hands-on Learning

Create your Own Newsletter #homeschool

  Computers are commonplace. Just about every house in the United States has at least one. The public schools have many. People who do not know how to use a computer are becoming fewer and fewer. Today the issue is more likely to be not knowing how to use a tablet or … [Read more...]

Fun with Summer Writing Prompts


      The summer is well underway. Many of us have been out of the school mind-set for several weeks now, and several never really stopped. Others of us (hand raised!) do something resembling the in-between. When it comes to writing, however, many … [Read more...]