Solutions for Your Over-Scheduled Homeschool


1.5 years ago I vowed I'd never do it again. In fact, I vowed I'd never even come close to doing it. Making my transgression even worse, I actually coach and advise homeschool parents on how to not do it. Yet here I am, Fall of 2016, pulling my hair out and suffering … [Read more...]

How to Be an Organized Homeschooling Parent

7 simple ways you can be a more organize homeschooling parent starting today!

  Sometimes in our homeschooling I've felt like a disorganized mess, especially when I had babies/toddlers. However, I've learned through trial and error some systems that work for us. There are ways to be a very organized homeschooling parent, it’s just a matter of being … [Read more...]

Strict Schedule or Flexible Routine

schedule or routine

We've recently started a new calendar year, and for many of us we're about halfway through our school year, so it's a time when we're also considering what we may need to adjust. One aspect I usually take a look at is whether our routine or our schedule needs to be tweaked. If … [Read more...]

Groovy Lab in a Box: A Science Kit That Includes EVERYTHING!

Groovy Lab in a Box homeschool science kits

My kids absolutely love doing science experiments - and so do I! What we don't love is having to find all the needed supplies, and forgetting something, and then not actually doing the experiment because we didn't pick up the last supply at the store. That's why I was SO … [Read more...]

Sponsor Thank You: Davonne Parks, Organizer

Davonne Parks, Organizer ~ one of the sponsors of the Homeschool Blog Awards @hsbapost

The Homeschool Blog Awards wouldn’t be possible without our great sponsors, so we want to take some time to thank them!  Please remember to visit their website and social media links to show your appreciation. Davonne Parks, Organizer Every homeschool parent needs to … [Read more...]