What I’ve Been Reading Lately

A collection of interesting reads from around the web. Charlotte Mason, homeschooling, etc. hsbapost.com

  Last year on my blog there was a series of posts called "Reading List on the Net." It was essentially a "What I've Been Reading Lately" compilation. I read a lot of things which admittedly are mostly on the internet. These were blog posts, articles in online newspapers … [Read more...]

Talking with Your Kids about Worldview and Pop Culture

Free resources to help you talk to your tweens and teens about pop culture and Christian worldview from Axis.org

  As parents, we're all well aware that popular culture can be a minefield for tweens and teens. Thankfully, homeschooling can often afford us a better chance of guiding our kids through the tough issues as we teach them to think critically for themselves outside the … [Read more...]

Useful Apps for Homeschooling Parents

Description of 5 different apps that can help you organize your home and homeschool at hsbapost.com

  Homeschooling isn’t an easy task and any help that you can get in whatever form can be useful. Apps can help to get you informed on the topics that your child needs to know and can assist in making the learning process much more fun for both of you. Useful Apps … [Read more...]

PlanItWisely Student Information System {review}

PlanItWisely online homeschool planner review @ The Homeschool Post

  If you've been homeschooling for longer than a year or so, you've probably tried many different types of planners. When it comes to planners, there are so many options out there that it can be difficult to find just the right one for you. I think that's why reviews can … [Read more...]

A Safe Way For Kids To Be Online with Kids Email


Did any of you give your kids a tablet for Christmas? My husband and I did. We want our daughter to be able to complete some school assignments in the car as well as read great eBooks. (And our kids being able to watch Finding Nemo on the tablet during a recent road trip was a … [Read more...]