Motivation Math and Reading Programs from Mentoring Minds

Motivation Math and Reading Programs from Mentoring Minds

  No matter what homeschool method you might use, most can agree that a solid foundation in the basics of math and reading is the key to unlocking a lifetime of learning. Sometimes learning and practicing those basic skills requires some extra … [Read more...]

See the Light Art Curriculum 5 DVD Set Giveaway!

see the light giveaway

  I've mentioned before that art isn't my forte. It's not that I haven't tried, but it's one area that I definitely need some additional teaching help. Ever since finding See the Light art curriculum on DVD a few years ago, I've felt much better about art time in our … [Read more...]

2014 Homeschool Blog Awards WINNERS! #HSBA2014

Homeschool Blog Awards winner #hsba2014 at

 We have winners! Below are 20 categories, the blog name, and link for each winner. We put these awards on each year so that homeschoolers can find a great list of resources, encouragement, and inspiration to stay the course! Everyone nominated in our awards each year is … [Read more...]

A New Devotional for a New Year

word became flesh devo

  With all the discussion of goals and resolutions that comes with a new year, I try to include spiritual enrichment at the top of my list every year. It is an area I need to re-evaluate often because it seems much too easy to lose sight of my goals. Life is busy. … [Read more...]

A Safe Way For Kids To Be Online with Kids Email


Did any of you give your kids a tablet for Christmas? My husband and I did. We want our daughter to be able to complete some school assignments in the car as well as read great eBooks. (And our kids being able to watch Finding Nemo on the tablet during a recent road trip was a … [Read more...]