Homeschooling with Workbooks

The benefits of homeschooling with workbooks. Save this reference list of elementary workbooks to build K-3 skills in math, reading, and more!

  We take a delight-directed, literature-rich approach to homeschooling in our family. However, I've found that there is a time and a place to use workbooks as well. They work well for review, practicing basic skills, early learning concepts, and even for the times you're … [Read more...]

Want to Homeschool for Free or Cheap? Here’s What You Need to Know

Resources and ideas for homeschooling for free

  There's no denying that homeschooling has the potential to get pretty pricey. Buying curricula, signing up for online classes, finding local co-op classes- the price tag can really add up. So if you ever see ideas for homeschooling for free, you're tempted to jump right … [Read more...]

STEM Homeschool Resources for Creative Kids

If you have creative kids who love hands-on projects, you'll want to check out these 5 must-have STEM + STEAM homeschool resources!

  I have to admit that as a mom to three girls who love creative writing, arts, and reading, that I sometimes have a harder time working science, technology, engineering, and math into our delight-directed studies. Not because my daughters don't like them, but because … [Read more...]

Four Reasons Online High School Beats Traditional High School

4 reasons online high school beats traditional high school.

  Are you homeschooling high school this year? Do you incorporate online learning into your lesson plans? If you're nervous about meeting all the requirements you need for a transcript and getting into college, you might want to check out online … [Read more...]

How to Pass Exams: Simple Study Tips and Review Techniques

Planning to take the ACT or SAT? Here are some simple study tips to help you prepare.

  Dan recently shared the early success his son had with passing the SAT. He credits voracious reading as one of the keys to being prepared. If you're looking for other study tips to pass exams, check out the ideas listed below. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post … [Read more...]