Snowman Treats to Try

Fun & creative yummy Snowman Treats to try making with the kids this winter!

  Do you wanna build a snowman? Having a snow day in your homeschool -- or just wish you were? You can add some snowy fun to your day with these yummy Snowman Treats to Try. They would be perfect for winter birthday parties or as a "just for fun" winter snack. You can … [Read more...]

Homemade Wintergreen Play Dough

Make your own homemade wintergreen play dough with this simple recipe today!

  If you're looking for a fun indoor project to do this winter, especially in this week leading up to Christmas, try out this simple homemade play dough recipe! We used wintergreen scent and green food coloring, but you could use red and cinnamon, or any other combination … [Read more...]

Top Ten Wednesday: Best Homemaking or Recipes Blogs 2014

Best Homemaking Homeschool Blog @hsbapost

Each week we will be highlighting the Top Ten Bloggers from each category of the 2014 Homeschool Blog Awards. We understand the hard work that is involved in running a successful blog. Kudos to all who were nominated, all who made the top ten, and to our winners! This week … [Read more...]

5 Ideas for Gardening Fun with Kids

5 Ideas for Gardening Fun with Kids @hsbapost

  Guest post by Wren from Have you ever considered that gardening is a wondrous way to introduce your children to the miracles of God’s creation---and family fun? We’ve been a gardening family for 4 years, when a friend gifted us with a small … [Read more...]

DIY Totally Safe Art Supplies for Toddlers (and their older siblings)

DIY Totally safe art supplies for toddlers: homemade play dough and finger paints

Guest Post by Lisa of School at Home Mom. As a mom of an active 21-month old, I am always looking for new ways to excite his curiosity and sustain his focus. Early childhood learning is so much about hands-on experiences and exploration, and art activities are a perfect way to … [Read more...]