July Desktop Calendar and Wallpaper 2013

Happy July everyone!

I have a love/hate relationship with July. It’s hot and humid but it ends with my birthday!

I created two versions of this months wallpaper, but was only able to make it in one size.

The first one contains all the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner, the second is without lyrics.

JulyWallpaper-1280-800 JulyWallpaper-nosong1280-800

July Wallpaper 1280×800 With Song

July Wallpaper 1280×800 Without Song

Have a great July ya’ll!


Lisa Baldwin (59 Posts)

Disciple of Christ, Wife, Mother of Four, Homeschooler, Crafter, Designer (Graphics and CSS/HTML), Blogger. I share too much, laugh at the wrong things, and fall on my backside regularly. Thank goodness Jesus ignores all of that and loves me anyway.

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June Desktop Calendar and Wallpaper by the Homeschool Post

Free June Wallpaper from @hsbapost

“There shall be eternal summer in a grateful heart.” – Celia Thaxter

There are two choices for each size – with a calendar or without (just a quote). May your summer be filled with warm memories and may you always have a grateful heart!

1280×800 with calendar

1280×800 without calendar

1366×768 with calendar

1366×768 without calendar

1440×900 with calendar

1440×900 without calendar

1920×1080 with calendar

1920×1080 without calendar


Disclaimer: photo by David Franklin


Sprittibee (16 Posts)

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How to Teach the Love of Photography

My daughter loves taking my iphone and taking photos.

She takes tons of photos filling my memory to the max.

How to teach the love of photography

One day, I was digging in a cabinet and found a pretty can of room deodorizer.  I thought I’d take a photo of it and post it on Instagram.  Yes, I know where my daughter got her love for using memory.

Then I had this thought…

Teach her to take photos, it is a skill she will need.

The rules were simple:

  • Take the photo in different places.  Shade and direct sunlight.
  • Make sure the prop is in the photo.  (I didn’t want her to veer and start taking photos of something else.)
  • Have fun.
  • Try to take a least 5 shots.

After she took the shots and I uploaded the photos to the computer, we were able to go over them.  Some common mistakes that are easily fixed for any budding photographer.

Teaching the Love of Photography

This photo is great except it was out of focus on the top.  If she would have focused on the the top of can, it may have been easier to read.  It is easy to focus using an iphone – just tap the area you want to focus on and poof it will focus.


This shot was pretty cool if you knew where she put it.  She put it in the middle of my Bird of Paradise plant.  However, again the focus is wrong.  Still a neat concept.


This photo made me want to mention photo stealers or photo bombs.  My eyes were drawn to the leaf in the left hand corner.  Again, I know I’m being picky.  However, this is what makes people learn, myself included.


Aww…the can in the tree trick.  Pretty cool.  She learned the importance of shading and sunlight.  It is better to photo on a shady day, so you won’t have those stinky shadows that like to bomb photos.


This is one of my favorite shots.  Stick your can in the fern and you will grow air freshener.  Okay, not really.  I loved that she is not stuck on centering photos.  If you look in a magazine, how often is the subject in the center?  Hardly ever!  Great learning opportunity that took hardly any time and no money involved.

This wasn’t a science lesson.  Just a fun thing to do one afternoon and it let her gain some photography experience.

Do you let your kids play so you can teach?

Blessings to you!  You are loved!

The brand of the air freshener had no idea that it was going to be used in this photo lesson.  I just thought it was a neat design.

Lana (32 Posts)

Lana's crazy life is all about 5 kids,a husband who constantly is doing DIYs and remodeling, travel, teaching, Texas, photography, social media and chocolate, all while having true JOY. Come see her life on iLoveMy5Kids.

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