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Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix: The Older Crowd

Last week we shared with you our favorite Netflix shows for the younger set. This week, we bring you our Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix. for the older crowd.


Every family is different, so please review any show before letting your kids watch it to ensure it fits your family.

Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix for the Older Crowd


  1. MythBusters- Do not try this at home folks! Adam and Jamie, with their team, examine common myths and legends to see if they could have actually happened. Be sure to check out their Big Blasts Collection too!
  2. Drive Thru History-Dave Stotts takes you on the most entertaining trek through Ancient Greece and Rome in Season 1 of Drive Thru History. This history documentary emphasizes Christianity’s positive role in Western civilization. The humor may be lost on the younger kids, but parents will enjoy!
  3. Modern Marvels- From the Brooklyn Bridge to Extreme Gadgets, Modern Marvels digs deep to explain the history behind some of our greatest achievements.
  4. Electric Company- This modern take on the 70’s classic teaches new words using Hip Hop and R&B.
  5. How It’s Made- Take a tour through factories and see how everything from band aids to contact lenses are made.
  6. National Geographic- National Parks- National Geographic has a wide variety of topics available on Netflix. National Parks might be our favorite, but they also include episodes on the FBI and Tornadoes.
  7. Man vs. Wild- Follow ex-special forces soldier Bear Grylls and he tries to find somewhere on Earth he can’t survive. So far, he can survive anywhere.
  8. Beakman’s World- Do miss the big hair and wacky antics of the early 90’s? Nah, me either. But watching someone else act goofy while educating my kids- bring it on! Prof. Beakman uses some crazy antics, quick costume changes and a giant rat (okay, man in a rat suit) to demonstrate even complicated scientific principles.
  9. TED Talks-This is another collection of short videos, on a variety of subjects. From the TED Conferences, TEDTalks videos include reputable current scientists and professors (and more) sharing ideas and explaining new things. Also check out their Education Site with more videos:
  10. Destination Truth- Do you have a monster lover? Host Josh Gates goes to remote places, learns about geography and culture, and then investigates the myths and monsters of the world. From Loch Ness to haunted Mosques to Icelandic Elves, Destination Truth is there. Note: Some episodes may be a bit scary for more sensitive kids.

Do you have a favorite Netflix show?

Have you checked out the Homeschooling with Netflix Facebook Group?

Join us next week for a new Top Ten List from our team!

Lisa Baldwin (61 Posts)

Disciple of Christ, Wife, Mother of Four, Homeschooler, Crafter, Designer (Graphics and CSS/HTML), Blogger. I share too much, laugh at the wrong things, and fall on my backside regularly. Thank goodness Jesus ignores all of that and loves me anyway.

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Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix

We have run out of Top Ten Blog lists to share with you from last year’s award season. We have enjoyed the Top Ten List posts, so we are going to stick with that format for a while and bring you some of our favorites.

This week, we bring you our Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix!

Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix

Our team is large and diverse, so of course we had a hard time narrowing it down to just ten. So I divided them up into two groups: The Younger Crowd and The Older Crowd. This week- The Younger Crowd.


Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix for the Younger Crowd

  1. Blue’s Clues-Designed for Preschoolers, this series uses live action and animation to increase memory, inspire creative thinking and promote problem solving as Blue leaves clues to help her friend Steve complete challenges.
  2. Dora the Explorer- Dora and her friends, using English and Spanish, show you how to get things done focusing on understanding sequence of events and problem solving.
  3. Leap Frog – multiple videos for Preschoolers teaching shapes, letters, numbers, phonics and more!
  4. SuperWhy –Teaches the fundamentals of reading with interactive adventures through classic children’s stories.
  5. The Color Crew-Animated crayons introduce the preschool crowd (and younger) to the colors of the rainbow and help teach the names of everyday objects and animals.
  6. Tillie Knock Knock- For the 2-4 year olds, Tillie plays a game of guess who, teaching kids about animal names and sounds.
  7. Guess with Jess- Empowering kids to ask big questions, Jess the cat begins each episode with a big questions. This leads to more questions and testing different ideas to find the correct answer.
  8. Frannie’s Feet-At Franny’s Grandfather’s shoe shop, Franny tries on shoes that were brought in for repair. Each pair sending her on a magical world adventure!
  9. WordGirl- Becky might appear to me your average fifth grader, but she’s an alien superhero with a monkey sidekick set to fight crime and enrich your vocabulary.
  10. Jeff Corwin Experience- Follow Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin as he gets up close and a little too personal with some of the most interesting animals our world has to offer.

Do you have a favorite Netflix show?

Have you checked out the Homeschooling with Netflix Facebook Group?

Come back next week to see our The Older Crowd list!

Lisa Baldwin (61 Posts)

Disciple of Christ, Wife, Mother of Four, Homeschooler, Crafter, Designer (Graphics and CSS/HTML), Blogger. I share too much, laugh at the wrong things, and fall on my backside regularly. Thank goodness Jesus ignores all of that and loves me anyway.

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Winners of the 2012 Homeschool Blog Awards!

2012 Homeschool Blog Awards

We have winners!

Below are 20 categories, the blog name, and link for each winner. We put these awards on each year so that homeschoolers can find a great list of resources, encouragement, and inspiration to stay the course! Everyone nominated in our awards each year is special.

Each year we put up the NOMINEE PAGE for the year’s nominated blogs, but it won’t be available until the first of the year. For now we just want our top winners to bask in the public pat on the back they just got! Check back here at this post in January and we will have the entire nominee page linked on this post.

Something fun?! We’re going to spotlight the TOP TEN winners on lists each Wednesday starting in December. We’ve decided to make a groovy category specific button for our top 10 homeschool blogs from each of the 20 categories and will share those every week through April of 2013. That way the fun of the awards continues up until it is time to begin planning for 2013’s awards. Be sure to send us your suggestions for category changes or additions, etc – via our contact page!

You can also look back at past winners and nominee pages by clicking our PAST WINNER page above. There you can see who was nominated and who won in previous years all the way back to 2005!

If you are a winner, please note the deadlines and instructions below:

*Winners have until NOVEMBER 30th to email us to claiming their prizes and provide shipping information. If that deadline is missed, they forfeit their prize(s) and title which will go to the next runner up. The sooner you contact us with your information, the better!

*The random drawing will be held on December 1st.

*We will share the email and physical addresses of our winners with our sponsors/vendors by December 14th so they can disperse prizes.

*Vendors have until January 15th to ship prizes. If you don’t get a prize that you were promised (we’ll be doing a drawing to see who takes which prizes home), please let us know.

— Check back to the main page for the 2012 Homeschool Blog Awards for more information about the awards themselves.


1. Best Homeschool Mom Blog ~ Confessions of a Homeschooler

Everyone is the best homeschool mom for their own children. With thousands of homeschool bloggers out there, please know that there will only be one winner online – but EACH OF US are winners in our own homes. If there’s a blogging mom out there that has been a particularly good example to you and you want to let her know… consider her for this nomination! [Her blog does not have to be exclusively about motherhood or homeschooling.]

2. Best Homeschool Dad Blog ~The Mango Times

We love to hear what dad has to say. Especially if he includes homeschool posts off and on. [Blog doesn’t have to be exclusively about homeschooling.]

3. Best Blog Design ~ The Arrowood Zoo

Here’s your chance to nominate a gorgeous blog design and give a code-and-design savvy blogger a pat on the back for her talent (or give her hired web designer some credit!).

4. Best Photos ~ Mothership Adventures

This blogger has photographic talent and makes her posts pop with eye-candy. We want to thank those of you who post pictures and graphics that inspire us! The winner of this category will be one that takes her own photos – not someone who only uses stock images.

5. Best Crafts, Plans & Projects Blog ~ 1+1+ 1=1

Do you turn to the blogosphere for a steady supply of great craft ideas, lesson plans, or projects that you can do with your homeschoolers? Why not share your favorite how-to blogs that provide us with things to be inspired by and ideas to use with our kids and in our homes.

6. Best Family or Group Blog ~ 2 Teaching Mommie

** update: we are sorry for the mix up, but the wrong link was copied for this winner – the correct winner is listed now.

Nominate your favorite Homeschool Family blog or your favorite group blog that is either run by Homeschoolers or discusses homeschool issues. [Blog doesn’t have to be exclusively about homeschooling. Remember that if more than one of our authors are part of the group blog, it is not qualified to win. THIS BLOG MUST HAVE MULTIPLE AUTHORS.]

7. Best Encourager ~ Cultivated Lives

It is time to say thanks to those bloggers out there who lift you up out of the homeschool “blahs” and help you get back on track. The winner of this category doesn’t have to be perfect or always in a good mood… just someone who makes you feel as if someone else cares and has a positive attitude overall.

8. Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog ~ Get Along Home

We don’t want a strictly political blog that is run by a homeschooler unless quite a few posts have relevant information pertaining to homeschooling. News clips that affect our freedoms as homeschoolers and how homeschooling is portrayed in the media are ideal. We love to hear what other homeschool teachers are thinking and reading and their views on things that affect us all. [This blog does not have to be exclusively about homeschooling, current events, or politics… just a blog that often shares opinions on matters that you enjoy learning from.]

9. Best Homemaking or Recipes Blog ~ Happy Home Fairy

This blog should have content regarding homemaking, housekeeping, tips, ideas for making your life easier, information about raising multiple kids, or recipes that you enjoy trying. [This person should be a homeschooler but the blog doesn’t have to be exclusively about homeschooling, homemaking or recipes.]

10. Best Teen Blog ~ God’s Daughter

Let’s encourage those young bloggers to speak up and be a good example for their peers. I have seen so many wonderful teen blogs out there that deserve recognition. Let us know what some of your favorites are! Teen blogs can be any blogs run by teens who are at least 12 years of age. The winners will have to submit permission slips signed by their parents – see legal page at HSBA for more details. [This blog does not have to be exclusively about homeschooling, but homeschooling should be mentioned often or it should be obvious from the template that the teens are homeschoolers.]

11. Funniest Homeschool Blog ~ Laugh with Us Blog

We all need a laugh in-between laundry, lesson plans and losing our cool. It is nice to get your smile back so you can share it with your students (who can only take “so much gloom” as Ma Walton said so eloquently on The Waltons television series). Nominate your favorite crack-pot or crack-up homeschool blog here.

12. Best Special Needs Blogger ~ Jennifer A Janes

These are the moms that have the extra challenges – they go above and beyond to help their children succeed. We hope to help connect all sorts of bloggers – special needs included.

13. Best Homeschool Vlogger ~ 7 Sisters Homeschool

It’s a rare treat to get to be the “fly on the wall” in someone’s homeschool. Don’t you always love seeing what’s on other people’s book shelves and watching them demonstrate things on video, though? Vlogging is a wonderful way to spread the homeschool encouragement around on the net.

14. Best Variety ~ Red White and Grew

This blogger is one that could fit in any of these categories … but they just can’t be pinned down in ONE. This type of blogger is the ADD hyper-focused type… always moving on from one thing to the next… and always keeping you interested in coming back for more!

15. Best Thrifty Homeschooler ~ Gricefully Homeschooling

Most of us are homeschooling on a shoe-string. Nominate your favorite money-saving blogger so you can share her tips with the blogosphere and bless a bunch of homeschool children in the process! [Blog doesn't have to be exclusively about frugality.]

16. Best SUPER-HOMESCHOOLER ~ Starts at Eight

Ever feel like a loser after reading someone else’s lesson plans, seeing their field trip photos, listening to them talk about what they got done today, or seeing pictures of their children’s accomplishments? You were probably feeling the effects of visiting a SUPER-HOMESCHOOLER’s blog. These are the A-list homeschool parents that just BLOW YOU AWAY with their enthusiasm. We all have our good days, but this blogger has us all beat.

17. Best Nitty-Gritty Homeschool Blog ~ Large Family Mothering

Since we included a category for the Super-Homeschooler… I figured we would add one in for the homeschooler who is brutally honest and open about her mistakes and failures. These are the moms that make you feel better and let you know that it is OK that we aren’t perfect. What would we do without them???

18. Best NEW Homeschool Blog ~ The Unlikely Homeschool

It is hard making a name for yourself in the blogosphere. A lot of times, you feel as if you are writing and no one is out there. If you have stumbled upon a great new blogger who has a lot of potential and you want to share them with the rest of us… please consider nominating them for this category! [A new blog is one that appeared on the scene during or after last awards season.]

19. Best Homeschooling Methods Blog ~ Frontier Dreams (Waldorf Method)

There are a lot of methods used to homeschool. Are you a boxed curriculum gal? A Classical homeschooler? An unschooler? Do you thrill on Unit Studies or spend time outdoors doing Charlotte Mason-type nature walks? Are you a mixture of everything (eclectic)? Make sure you tell us what TYPE of method this blog showcases so we can list it on the voting page!

20. Best Homeschooling Nature/Field Trip Blog ~ Handbook of Nature Study

Have cabin fever? Looking to get OUT and see the world – sketch it, research it, photograph it? Who inspires you to take the kids out and enjoy Creation? Who makes you scratch your head in wonder while showing you all the fascinating things they have discovered outdoors?


There were a few winners that won multiple categories, but we like to make sure that we have 20 DIFFERENT winners, so we made a call to give the runner-up in those categories the winning title. We don’t want ANYONE to feel like a runner-up, though, because everyone nominated is unique and wonderful in their own way, so we’ve  just listed the final winners and let that be that!

Thank you so much for your participation! 

…And please snag this button for your sidebar if you are a 2012 winner!

2012 Homeschool Blog Awards Winner

To paste this on your sidebar, copy the following text and change the ( to < …

(p style=”text-align: center;”)(a href=””)(img src=”” alt=”2012 Homeschool Blog Awards Winner” border=”0″ /)(/a)(/p)

We encourage you to visit the winning blogs and leave a comment congratulating them!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from The Homeschool Post!

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