Motivation Math and Reading Programs from Mentoring Minds


No matter what homeschool method you might use, most can agree that a solid foundation in the basics of math and reading is the key to unlocking a lifetime of learning.

Sometimes learning and practicing those basic skills requires some extra supplementals.

Motivation Math and Reading Programs from Mentoring Minds

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Mentoring Minds

Mentoring Minds has created resources to help students gain skills and confidence in math and reading to encourage educational success.

At Mentoring Minds, we believe that education is about more than finding the right answer—it’s about asking great questions. And in order to encourage students to be critical thinkers, we believe that educators need quality resources at their fingertips and dedicated partners in their schools. As an educational content creator and K–12 publisher of print-and-digital resources, we strive to be that partner, empowering educators to create classrooms full of critical thinkers.


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Total Motivation Math

  • Help students master the standards with relevant content that integrates formative assessment and supports cross‐curricular connections.
  • Encourage higher‐level skills with built‐in critical thinking applications.
  • Provide differentiated instruction based on the needs of your students.

Total Motivation Reading

  • rigorous and relevant reading selections
  • assessment items
  • critical thinking prompts
  • creative thinking activities
  • journal prompts
  • extended practice selections
  • suggested parent activities—in print and online

You can learn more about the mission of Mentoring Minds by watching this video or visiting their website.

Do you use online learning programs to supplement your homeschool studies?


Sara (102 Posts)

I'm a reader, writer, dreamer, wife, and homeschooling mom of 3 girls. We take a relaxed, eclectic, Charlotte Mason-leaning, Montessori-ish, literature-rich, delight-directed, almost unschooling-at-times approach to learning. Lots of unit studies, field trips, and lapbooks, too. I like to blog about our learning adventures (plus faith and encouragement) at Embracing Destiny.

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A Safe Way For Kids To Be Online with Kids Email

Did any of you give your kids a tablet for Christmas? My husband and I did. We want our daughter to be able to complete some school assignments in the car as well as read great eBooks. (And our kids being able to watch Finding Nemo on the tablet during a recent road trip was a fun perk!)

What we don’t want however is the scary stuff that comes with having internet access. We want to be smart and proactive about keeping our kids safe online.

One way to do that is with Kids Email.


Kids Email protects kids while simultaneously giving them freedom. Some features of kids email include mail monitoring, time restrictions, a mail queue, a block-sender list, contact manager, GPS tracker, and more! You can read about each safety feature here.

In addition to safety, Kids Email offers a lot of fun too! From the ability to read e-mails out loud, to offering a drawing board, to an advanced mode for older kids, this is a program the entire family is sure to love!

The best part? You can try it for FREE for 30 days!

And that’s not all! Valued at $68.90 each, Kids Email is giving away 1 year of Kids Email and My Kids Browser to 3 Blog Award Winners – you can keep your kids safe online by having a safe e-mail account and safe web browser.

Thank you, Kids Email!

To connect with Kids Email for free tips & deal updates, you can visit them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.


Davonne (17 Posts)

Davonne Parks is a married Christian homeschool mom who began teaching her children at home in 2009. She blogs about cultivating a heart for motherhood, as well as organization and simplicity, at DavonneParks.com. Davonne believes that some of life’s richest moments happen when we embrace the beauty of imperfection as we extend grace to ourselves and others. She’s written two eBooks, “101 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms” (free to her blog subscribers) and “28 Days to Timeliness: Tips and Confessions from a Semi-Reformed Late Person.”

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Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix: The Older Crowd

Last week we shared with you our favorite Netflix shows for the younger set. This week, we bring you our Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix. for the older crowd.

Top 10 Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix for Teens

Every family is different, so please review any show before letting your kids watch it to ensure it fits your family.

Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix for the Older Crowd


  1. MythBusters– Do not try this at home folks! Adam and Jamie, with their team, examine common myths and legends to see if they could have actually happened. Be sure to check out their Big Blasts Collection too!
  2. Drive Thru History-Dave Stotts takes you on the most entertaining trek through Ancient Greece and Rome in Season 1 of Drive Thru History. This history documentary emphasizes Christianity’s positive role in Western civilization. The humor may be lost on the younger kids, but parents will enjoy!
  3. Modern Marvels– From the Brooklyn Bridge to Extreme Gadgets, Modern Marvels digs deep to explain the history behind some of our greatest achievements.
  4. Electric Company– This modern take on the 70’s classic teaches new words using Hip Hop and R&B.
  5. How It’s Made– Take a tour through factories and see how everything from band aids to contact lenses are made.
  6. National Geographic- National Parks– National Geographic has a wide variety of topics available on Netflix. National Parks might be our favorite, but they also include episodes on the FBI and Tornadoes.
  7. Man vs. Wild– Follow ex-special forces soldier Bear Grylls and he tries to find somewhere on Earth he can’t survive. So far, he can survive anywhere.
  8. Beakman’s World– Do miss the big hair and wacky antics of the early 90’s? Nah, me either. But watching someone else act goofy while educating my kids- bring it on! Prof. Beakman uses some crazy antics, quick costume changes and a giant rat (okay, man in a rat suit) to demonstrate even complicated scientific principles.
  9. TED Talks-This is another collection of short videos, on a variety of subjects. From the TED Conferences, TEDTalks videos include reputable current scientists and professors (and more) sharing ideas and explaining new things. Also check out their Education Site with more videos: http://ed.ted.com/.
  10. Destination Truth– Do you have a monster lover? Host Josh Gates goes to remote places, learns about geography and culture, and then investigates the myths and monsters of the world. From Loch Ness to haunted Mosques to Icelandic Elves, Destination Truth is there. Note: Some episodes may be a bit scary for more sensitive kids.

Do you have a favorite Netflix show?

Have you checked out the Homeschooling with Netflix Facebook Group?

Join us next week for a new Top Ten List from our team!

Lisa Baldwin (61 Posts)

Disciple of Christ, Wife, Mother of Four, Homeschooler, Crafter, Designer (Graphics and CSS/HTML), Blogger. I share too much, laugh at the wrong things, and fall on my backside regularly. Thank goodness Jesus ignores all of that and loves me anyway.

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