Fall Bucket List for Homeschoolers

Check out these 25 ideas for the perfect fall bucket list for homeschoolers! hsbapost.com

  Fall is my very favorite time of the year, for wardrobe, food, activities, and even homeschooling. The colors, multitude of seasonal activities, and changes make it a perfect topic for many homeschool studies or just a bit of fun. I have come up with a list of 25 … [Read more...]

Learn about the Frog Life Cycle with Free Printables

Learn about the frog life cycle with free printables and other frog-related learning resources. hsbapost.com

  If you're in search of some fun hands-on science learning for your kids this summer, you won't want to miss these free frog life cycle printables and ideas for further frog-related study. There are resources for preschool through middle school here. Frog Life Cycle … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Connect Your Child to Nature

Homeschooling isn't limited to just 1 room in your house. Here are 11 Ways to Connect Your Child to Nature and help them develop an appreciation for it while learning. Charlotte Mason influenced homeschooling. hsbapost.com

  In the times we are living in it seems increasingly harder and harder to get the kids to step away from the t.v. and video games and get outdoors to connect with nature. Some kids have a natural affection for anything to do with nature while others find it boring. Here … [Read more...]

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling on a Budget

Want to add some frugal Charlotte Mason inspired learning to your homeschool? Check out these great ideas! hsbapost.com

  If you love the process and methods of Charlotte Mason but shrink away from the expense, I have great news for you -- it is possible to use Charlotte Mason in your homeschool on a budget! I have gathered some of my favorite tips and resources to show you how to reduce … [Read more...]

Volcano Science Experiment

Hands-on science experiment for elementary ages. How-to with fun video! hsbapost.com

  Have you ever made a volcano science experiment at home with your kids? This is always one of my kids' favorite experiments. I don't know if it's the mess or the dramatic reaction between the ingredients, but we've done this particular experiment at least once a year … [Read more...]