6 Educational Goals for the New Year

6 educational goals you should consider in your homeschool this year! hsbapost.com

Do you make New Year's resolutions for your homeschool? Some people bristle at the word "resolutions," but we all know it's important to set some kind of goals to keep us on track. Not only do we get a sense of accomplishment as we work toward them, we teach our kids … [Read more...]

Fine Arts For All Students

Creating a customized Fine Arts course of study for your homeschool. hsbapost.com

Some people just naturally gravitate towards the fine arts, don't they? They may have a natural talent for music or dance or drawing, and a special love for all things creative and . . . well, "artsy". But others don't seem to have that inborn ability or appreciation for artsy … [Read more...]

Homeschool Art and Music – For Culturally Illiterate Parents!

Culturally Illiterate- NO PROBLEM !!! You can still teach your kids to enjoy music and art in your homeschool! Here's how to provide the tools they need. hsbapost.com

All I formally learned about music was "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge"... I couldn't hold a note, couldn't even find middle C on the piano, couldn't dance with a live (sober) human partner... I could doodle stick figures a little bit but was so profoundly ignorant about art … [Read more...]

Finding Time for Homeschool Art and Music

Creative ways to find time for homeschool art and music, even if it isn't your natural strong suit. hsbapost.com

I will confess that often music and art fall through the cracks if I am short on time in our homeschooling. I make time for the basics, but I often let the fine arts slip if we're pressed for time or if we spend more time on something else we're really interested in. I'm not an … [Read more...]

3 of My Favorite Homeschool Things

3 Favorite #Homeschool Things

I’m having so much fun reading about other homeschooling mom’s favorite things this month! I love our curricula so I feel no need to change anything (except maybe the reading – the program Lisa is using for her emerging reader looks really neat!), but it is fun to get a little … [Read more...]