Music Together

Do you sing to your kids? Do you move with them?

Music and movement are powerful ways to teach and learn. We all know this on some level, but when you really experience it – well, you see a different side of yourself and your children.

We attended a Music Together class!

The Doodle and I attended a free Music Together demo class at Crescendo Family Music on Saturday. I was impressed with the fun way parents were learning to connect with their kids through music and movement.

I know a ton of kid songs (I felt dumb reading to a tiny baby so instead I sang to her), but many people don’t.

Christi Gell, director and teacher, writes in her article about kid-friendly songs:

One of things that is so great about the Music Together program is the diversity of the songs both in tempo, key, origin, and meter. Even if you have never had any kind of musical training, you will find yourself drawn to these delightful pieces of music and wanting to sing them over and over (with or without your kids!).

And she is totally right.

I know quite a few songs – even though I’m a terrible singer. And I could learn more.

What about you? Do you and your kids have a dedicated music time to explore a variety of songs and styles?

Share your thoughts in the comments, tweet it out. And if it fits for your family, sign up for a local music class!

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