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5 Gifts Under $5.00 for Moms

With Valentine’s Day approaching in a few weeks, I thought it’d be fun to offer a simple list of $5.00 gifts that show a little love to moms!


These gifts are perfect for any time of the year (Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, “just because”), so make sure to pin this article for easy reference later. And while you’re at it, maybe you’ll want to email this list to your husband or your teenage kids. You know, just in case they need a few ideas ;)

Best of all, most of these gifts can be given virtually to long-distance friends so if you know someone who needs a little encouragement, send her a small gift to let her know you’re thinking of her!

1) An eBook

You could give a $5.00 Amazon gift card or send a specific eBook. Here are a few homeschool books that I love:

And here are a few other mom books I love that aren’t about homeschooling:

2) A gift card to Starbucks or another local coffee shop.

What mom wouldn’t love the gift of relaxation?! Better yet, if the person receiving this gift is local, then babysit her kids for free while she enjoys a latte!


3) Flowers

Our Aldi has little bouquets of flowers for $3.99. At a time of year when the cost of flowers skyrockets, Aldi is the perfect place to buy this little pick-me-up for women!

If you don’t have an Aldi nearby, check a store like Trader Joe or ask your frugal friends if they know where to purchase flowers for a great price. Or just purchase a single rose or carnation from a pricier store – the sentiment is still the same without breaking the bank!


4) Chocolate or another delicious snack.

Need I say more?!

{Tip: If you’re shopping for a long-distance friend, use an Amazon prime account to get free shipping and have the treat sent directly to your friend’s doorstep!}


5) A card with a hand-written note inside.

Moms work hard, and sometimes we really just need to feel valued. So tell her. Let her know that YOU value her. Print this letter and include it with your note. Use your words to make her feel special.


Because isn’t making someone feel special what these little gifts are really all about?

What sweet & simple gift ideas do you have that cost $5.00 or less?

Davonne (16 Posts)

Davonne Parks is a married Christian homeschool mom who began teaching her children at home in 2009. She blogs about cultivating a heart for motherhood, as well as organization and simplicity, at Davonne believes that some of life’s richest moments happen when we embrace the beauty of imperfection as we extend grace to ourselves and others. She’s written two eBooks, “101 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms” (free to her blog subscribers) and “28 Days to Timeliness: Tips and Confessions from a Semi-Reformed Late Person.”

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Quick & Easy Trim Healthy Mama Recipes {that kids like too}


Guest post by Linda Rose.

I began my THM (Trim Healthy Mama) journey this past summer. In June I started training for a 5K using the Couch to 5K training program. Shortly after that, a friend started up a Trim Healthy Mama group at her house. At first I was like, ok sure I’ll come, but you can’t make me eat anything green or weird. After hearing people talk about THM, I still wasn’t convinced, but ordered the book out of curiosity anyway. I read the book and it just made sense. I had a light bulb moment! You see I had always thought that in order to lose weight I would have to eat weird or green food, but it turns out that isn’t the case at all.

It’s been slow going, and there are days that I find it challenging to eat on plan all the time, but even so, I’ve lost almost 27 pounds! I feel healthier, have more energy, and am still running. It almost feels strange to be able to eat some of the foods that I do eat and be able to still lose weight. And I don’t have to eat any weird or green foods (unless I’m feeling adventurous). I’m a pretty picky eater (so are some of my kids). In order to make THM work for me, I’ve had to make foods that the whole family will eat and love. I’m not about to make a meal for them and then make a separate one for me.


Many of the recipes in the THM eating plan are extremely quick and easy. If you are like me, you can appreciate that because honestly who has the time or the energy to slave away in the kitchen?

A couple favorite recipes at my house:


Chicken Alfredo (S meal for THM)

6-8 frozen chicken breast tenders (or 3-4 whole chicken breasts)
1 pint heavy whipping cream
2 cups mozzarella cheese
garlic powder (or fresh if you have it)
salt and pepper to taste

Serve over Dreamfields spaghetti pasta or steamed broccoli.
Place the frozen chicken breast tenders into the bottom of the crockpot. Pour the heavy cream over the chicken. Sprinkle the garlic powder over the cream and chicken. Salt and pepper to taste. Add the mozzarella cheese. Turn the crockpot on high. I like to stir the ingredients every hour or so. It just prevents the cream and cheese from burning on the edges. As the chicken cooks it becomes tender and breaks apart easily. I use a fork to pull the chicken apart before serving. I serve the alfredo sauce over Dreamfields spaghetti with broccoli on the side. It’s so easy and delicious. I put the ingredients in the crockpot at lunchtime and it is ready by dinner time. If it’s ready sooner, then I just turn the crockpot down to warm until we are ready to eat it. The house smells delicous while this is cooking! (adapted from a recipe in the THM book, which you can purchase here)

Ham and Cheese Scrambled Eggs (S meal for THM)

6 eggs
4-6 thick slices of ham–diced
1-2 tablespoons of cream cheese
1/4-1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
Put all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Whisk everything together. Melt a couple tablespoons of butter into your frying pan. Add the ham and cheese egg mixture, stirring to help everything cook evenly.
You can use more or fewer eggs; this is what I use for our family. Alternately you could substitute the ham for some other breakfast meat–bacon or sausage is yummy too. Be careful if you choose to substitute store bought pre-packaged bacon bits as many of these have sugar in them.


These are quick, easy, and yummy–perfect for a quick breakfast!


Linda RoseLinda Rose blogs at Rose Academy and Sew Happily Ever After. She has 15+ years of teaching experience in public, private, after-school, and home school settings. She enjoys homeschooling her own children as well as teaching small group English classes in her home and at local co-ops. Sewing has become an important creative outlet for her and allows her to use her talents to bless her own family as well as others.

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A New Devotional for a New Year


With all the discussion of goals and resolutions that comes with a new year, I try to include spiritual enrichment at the top of my list every year. It is an area I need to re-evaluate often because it seems much too easy to lose sight of my goals. Life is busy. Homeschooling and being a full-time mom to three kids (one with special needs) keeps me going all the time. “Quiet time” is not a concept I’m familiar with most days. If I want to spend quality time in the Word, I’ve got to be intentional. Sometimes I’m just at a loss for where to begin in that process. Kathy Gossen has written a 90-day chronological New Testament devotional called “And the Word Became Flesh” for moms like me to make a meaningful connection between the scriptures and daily life.


"And the Word Became Flesh" 90-day devotional


A Devotional for Busy Moms

As a wife, mother of two, and entrepreneur, Kathy Gossen knows what it’s like to feel frazzled during her daily quiet time. Prior to the creation of “And the Word Became Flesh,” she became increasingly frustrated by trying to fit it all in before being interrupted by pattering feet. Some days would be filled with great times of prayer. Others would be wonderful times of Bible study. She even memorized scripture on a weekly basis with her children. Yet, one discipline rarely flowed into another and little of what she read or did ever reached her heart where real change could take place. Her daily quiet time had become another item to check off her to-do list, and the inclusion of each of the spiritual disciplines in her weekly, let alone daily life, slowly became a distant memory. She knew it was time for a change. She knew there had to be a better way so out of that frustration blossomed “And the Word Became Flesh.” This 90-day journey guides you to not only read through the New Testament chronologically in 90 days, but be transformed by the Word as you take time for reflection, prayer, and scripture memory based on what you are reading and is intended for repeated use. Use it for your personal quiet time or as a springboard for your New Testament homeschool studies and let the Word become flesh in you!



Kathy is generously donating one paperback or Kindle copy of “And the Word Became Flesh: A 90-Day Chronological Journey Through the New Testament” to the Best Variety Blog winner in the 2014 Homeschool Blog Awards.

Visit Kathy at Cornerstone Confessions website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.




Sara (47 Posts)

I'm a reader, writer, dreamer, wife, and homeschooling mom of 3 girls. We take a relaxed, eclectic, Charlotte Mason-leaning, Montessori-ish, literature-rich, delight-directed, almost unschooling-at-times approach to learning. Lots of unit studies, field trips, and lapbooks, too. I like to blog about our learning adventures (plus faith and encouragement) at Embracing Destiny.

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