Early, Organic, SAT Prep for Homeschoolers

EarlyOrganic SAT Prep

My 11 year old son just took the SAT in June. He managed to score 1270 (560 verbal, 710 math) I want to tell you how my wife and I “prepared” him for that but first I want to reveal to you some important secrets about SAT preparation that you won’t hear very often, if at … [Read more...]

STEM, Life of Fred, and Music: My Top Picks in the Educents Homeschool Sale

STEM resources for summer learning, plus math and language! hsbapost.com

  Summer is a great time to focus on hands-on learning and enrichment activities that might fall by the wayside at other times of the year. Be sure to check out our posts on creative summer learning for more ideas to inspire you: 11 Ways to Connect your Kids with … [Read more...]

7 Ideas for Summer Math Practice

7 Fun Ideas for Summer Math Practice. Hands-on summer homeschooling series at hsbapost.com

  Just because you are taking a break from your formal homeschooling for the summer, doesn't mean you can't find plenty of ways to include fun summer math practice. This applies to year-round homeschoolers who want some summer-themed math practice, too. Use inexpensive … [Read more...]

Unexpected Lessons from the Life of Fred Math Books

Unexpected lessons we've learned in our homeschool from the Life of Fred math books. hsbapost.com

  We've been using Life of Fred math books in our homeschool for about 7 months now. We're using the Pre-Algebra series with my 8th grader and the elementary series for my kindergartner and second grader. They love it! The stories are engaging. For kids who love to read, … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Include Math Practice in Real Life

7 ways to include math practice in real life. Life skills homeschooling. hsbapost.com

  No matter what type of homeschooler you are, worksheets usually have their time and place. BUT math is an everyday part of life and should be practiced naturally -- not just on paper. The best way to do this is by guiding your kids through the math needed in everyday … [Read more...]