Top 101 Educational Websites and Apps of 2016

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  I'm a big proponent of hands-on learning and nature studies whenever possible, so screen time isn't a regular part of our learning generally speaking. We do make use of the Internet for research and some educational websites, but my girls prefer real books and creative … [Read more...]

2016 Digital Homeschool Convention

Free access to the Digital Homeschool Convention July 22-25. Don't miss the 30+ great sessions to encourage and inform homeschool families.

  Homeschool conventions are a great way to learn about different curriculum and meet new¬†homeschooling families. Of course the sessions at homeschool conventions can be invaluable as far as encouragement and learning new things. However, due to time and budget … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Encourage Summer Reading

Try these 7 ways to encourage summer reading for your kids. Keep the reading going year round!

  While you and the kids may be taking a break from formal academics for the summer, one thing you want to encourage year round is reading! Make it fun, get creative, and watch the pages turn this summer! 7 Ways to Encourage Summer Reading Make Reading Nooks- … [Read more...]

Delight-Directed High School Credits

Can you continue delight-directed learning for high school credits? Read this post to find out how to make it work!

  Let's face it - it seems easier to go the Delight-Directed Learning approach with younger students than when they are in high school and you have the sense that everything needs to "count" for credit. I do know families that are able to cover all the necessary courses … [Read more...]