Eight Life Skills Our Homeschooled Kids Need to Know… Before They Graduate

Life skills for homeschoolers

I sometimes can't believe that I have a child who is getting ready to graduate from high school soon. The following year, I'll have another. One is headed off to college. The other wants to go to a community college and work. As we've begun the process of transitioning them, I've … [Read more...]

Paper and Mind, Or What I’m Reading Lately

A collection of interesting reads from around the web. Charlotte Mason, homeschooling, etc. hsbapost.com

Okay, I will just fess up- I bookmarked these back in August! But my summer -and apparently Fall!-was busy. The very last two are newer. The mind clearing magic of Japan's pen-and-paper "planner culture"- Say it with me: "Bullet-Journal" Really, we are always trying to find … [Read more...]

Free Notebooking Pages for November

Free notebooking pages for your homeschool in November! Thanksgiving, election, and Veterans' Day. Great way to do some seasonal homeschooling. hsbapost.com

  Are you wondering how to revamp or improve what you’ve been doing in your day-to-day schooling? Do you want or NEED shorter days, a richer learning environment, or just more freedom to “school” without all the busywork? You can accomplish this with notebooking! We … [Read more...]

What is Living Math?

What is living math? How to use Charlotte Mason's principles in your homeschool math studies. hsbapost.com

  There are many curriculums that claim to align with Charlotte Mason's philosophy. Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects to determine if it truly aligns. This post will talk about what makes "living math." Charlotte Mason's philosophy that education is an … [Read more...]