Anchored Press: Planning with Faith

Read a review of the Anchored Press Planner. Includes Bible verses, prayer request pages, standard calendars, and more. Ideal for Christian moms.

  Planning is a part of life for most homeschool moms. With all the day-to-day plans along with lesson planning, many of us consider our planners to be an indispensible tool. Finding a planner that works for you is key, whether you follow a detailed plan or are more … [Read more...]

June Means Homeschool Planning

How to Plan Your Homeschool Year with the Charlotte Mason based free Ambleside Online. Detailed step by step.

  The first year we homeschooled we were faithful to follow the public school's calendar. They took a day off for some random holiday, we took a day off. They had a snow day, we had a snow day. Granted we also took off other random holidays like birthdays and … [Read more...]

Four Benefits of Summer Homeschooling

A look at the benefits of summer homeschooling and why it might help in your homeschool.

When we started homeschooling, I thought we would probably follow the traditional school calendar for the most part. I sure didn't plan on year round homeschooling! But as the years passed, and real life altered my calendar, we wound up doing some school in summer pretty much … [Read more...]

Putting Together a Homeschool Portfolio

What is a homeschool portfolio? What should be included? Read this to take the stress out of making a homeschool portfolio!

  Putting together a homeschool portfolio is a necessary part of homeschooling in many states. Unfortunately it can be stressful for homeschool parents as they worry and wonder if they've gathered enough information, saved enough worksheets, crossed every t and dotted … [Read more...]

3 Fun Ways to Keep Learning All Summer Long

summer learning ideas that don't involve textbooks or electronics

Picture the happy scene. Your kids are taking a school break for the summer. The family is spending quality time together. The kids play outside from dawn to dusk. Every day is a joy.  Ahhh. Except it’s not like this in my house. Yes, some days are. But then there are those days. … [Read more...]