Science: How We See the World

Tips for teaching science in your homeschool. How can we do a good job teaching our kids a subject that we don't understand?

When asked which subjects they are worried about teaching, homeschool parents will often list science as one that intimidates them, especially in the higher grades. I used to be one of those parents, and I realized that it was largely because my own school experience with the … [Read more...]

How to Become a Homeschool Consultant

How to Become a Homeschool Consultant

Are you a veteran homeschool mom (or dad)? Have you had a tremendous amount of homeschooling success? Have you raised off-the-chart kids who constantly turn heads and elicit an endless stream of compliments in your direction? Well I have great news for you. You probably now … [Read more...]

Big Ideas for Your Homeschool

Inspiration and encouragement for homeschooling. Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Vol 2 review.

  Imagine that it's Sunday evening. You've spent a pleasant weekend with your family, but now it's time to start thinking about next week. Your inner child is yelling, "I do not want to figure out one more week of lesson plans and activities!" You're out of ideas, hit by … [Read more...]