The Crafty Classroom Homeschool Giveaway

Win a $30 gift certificate to the Crafty Classroom online store at The Homeschool Post!

  If you're anything like me, you're still hammering out your plans for the upcoming homeschool year and looking for great deals on curriculum and supplements. Last spring I discovered The Crafty Classroom estore and fell in love with the gorgeous printable resources … [Read more...]

10 Elementary Science Necessities for your Homeschool

10 essential supplies for elementary science. The must have items we use in our homeschool.

  Science is one of the most fun, hands-on parts of homeschooling in my opinion. The early years are especially a great time for learning through discovery and experiments. It’s a great idea to keep a selection of items on hand in your science kit, but which ones do you … [Read more...]

Top 101 Educational Websites and Apps of 2016

edu apps

  I'm a big proponent of hands-on learning and nature studies whenever possible, so screen time isn't a regular part of our learning generally speaking. We do make use of the Internet for research and some educational websites, but my girls prefer real books and creative … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Encourage Summer Reading

Try these 7 ways to encourage summer reading for your kids. Keep the reading going year round!

  While you and the kids may be taking a break from formal academics for the summer, one thing you want to encourage year round is reading! Make it fun, get creative, and watch the pages turn this summer! 7 Ways to Encourage Summer Reading Make Reading Nooks- … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Incorporate Kids’ Hobbies Into Homeschool Learning

Hobbies and Homeschool Learning

  One of the things I noticed as a traditional school teacher was that school and learning often crowded out chances children had to follow their own interests and hobbies. One year I had a little guy who loved to draw and was obviously very talented. In the second grade … [Read more...]