Snowman Treats to Try

Fun & creative yummy Snowman Treats to try making with the kids this winter!

  Do you wanna build a snowman? Having a snow day in your homeschool -- or just wish you were? You can add some snowy fun to your day with these yummy Snowman Treats to Try. They would be perfect for winter birthday parties or as a "just for fun" winter snack. You can … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Include Children in Household Chores

7 ways to include children in household chores ~

  Keeping the house clean and organized is a never-ending battle, at least at our house. When you homeschool and work-at-home, home becomes classroom, office, art studio, library, and science lab. We always seem to be in the middle of several projects at once. That's why … [Read more...]

5 Proven Places for More Successful Homeschool Spaces

5 Proven Places for More Successful Homeschool Spaces | The Homeschool Post at

I remember when I first started homeschooling. I spent a lot of time prepping our classroom. I wanted it to look just so. With a cute little school desk and shelves full of books with a cute little reading nook. You know, the perfect homeschool room. Because, if I had that, of … [Read more...]

Top Ten Wednesday: Best Homemaking or Recipes Blogs 2014

Best Homemaking Homeschool Blog @hsbapost

Each week we will be highlighting the Top Ten Bloggers from each category of the 2014 Homeschool Blog Awards. We understand the hard work that is involved in running a successful blog. Kudos to all who were nominated, all who made the top ten, and to our winners! This week … [Read more...]

5 Ideas for Gardening Fun with Kids

5 Ideas for Gardening Fun with Kids @hsbapost

  Guest post by Wren from Have you ever considered that gardening is a wondrous way to introduce your children to the miracles of God’s creation---and family fun? We’ve been a gardening family for 4 years, when a friend gifted us with a small … [Read more...]