Four Reasons Online High School Beats Traditional High School

4 reasons online high school beats traditional high school.

  Are you homeschooling high school this year? Do you incorporate online learning into your lesson plans? If you're nervous about meeting all the requirements you need for a transcript and getting into college, you might want to check out online … [Read more...]

A Look Inside Life of Fred Language Arts

an overview of the Life of Fred Language Arts series for middle school and high school

  Have you found a Language Arts program that works well for your middle or high school students? I've been looking into Life of Fred because I've heard so many good things about it. I found this basic overview to be helpful in getting a better idea of how it … [Read more...]

June Means Homeschool Graduation

Operation Graduation: Planning a Homeschool Graduation

Year-round homeschoolers, that's us. We take two full months off during the year officially: June and December. There are plenty of times throughout the year that we also take off of school- the week before Thanksgiving, all birthdays, days or weeks when we are taking road trips … [Read more...]

Defining Success in Your Home School

Defining Success in Your #Homeschool @hsbapost

What does it mean to succeed? What does it mean to be successful and how do you measure success in your home school? Do you measure success by how much your children accomplished today, this week, this month? It's still early in the traditional school year. Do you feel ahead … [Read more...]