Map Travelers: A Unique Curriculum Approach to Geography and Cultures Study (A Review)

Map Travelers: A Unit Study Approach to Geography & Cultures (review) @hsbapost

Learning geography is always more fun when there are hands-on projects that allow learners to experience the countries and cultures that they're learning about. My younger girls and I have been traveling around the world this year studying geography and the cultures of the people … [Read more...]

School Without Subjects


Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, History, Geography, Science...have you identified all of the curriculum you will need for the coming school year? Thinking about how to cover each subject can be exhausting, time consuming, confusing, and expensive! Because most … [Read more...]

Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix: The Older Crowd

Top 10 Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix for Teens

Last week we shared with you our favorite Netflix shows for the younger set. This week, we bring you our Top Ten Favorite Educational Shows on Netflix. for the older crowd. Every family is different, so please review any show before letting your kids watch it to ensure it … [Read more...]

DIY Weather Unit Study

DIY Weather Unit Study resources & ideas

Did March come in like a lion and go out like a lamb or vice versa in your neck of the woods?  Is April starting off with those familiar showers that bring May flowers?  Obviously, spring is a notorious time for unpredictable weather.  Why not make the best of it and take the … [Read more...]

Girls of the World – Fun Geography and Culture Learning Tool

One of the things I have done over the years during our geography and culture studies is throw in books that have photos of families living in different cultures and countries of the world. Many of them show houses and people, foods and animals, things from that land that make it … [Read more...]