Homeschool Resources Under $20

Here is a list of some great bargains I found on homeschool resources under $20. We have used everything on this list so I can vouch for the educational value these things have provided.

  Most of us can relate to being on a tight budget. When it comes to choosing homeschool resources, I have to resist the urge to buy everything that sounds good. We love books and I don't believe we can have "too many." Anyone else? At any rate, I've learned to rein in … [Read more...]

Homeschool Tweens and Teens at Work


Ah...the summer job. This time of year the mall is stocked with young people trying to earn a little extra money, or perhaps they have been launched out of the house by their parents in an effort to avoid a summer fraught with laziness and boredom. But what if the mall just isn't … [Read more...]

Excited Over Educents!

Educents Educational Flash Sales @hsbapost

I believe that homeschoolers, in general, are some of the most frugal individuals around. It's almost a necessity, since many of us operate our families on one income. Launching April 2, 2013, a new flash sales sight specifically geared toward education is going to bless our … [Read more...]