3 Steps to a Biblical Education

Want to have a Biblical basis for your homeschool? Read part 4 in the Restoring the Ruins, Rebuilding a Biblical Model of Education at hsbapost.com

  Guest post by Susan of Successful Homeschool Mom Series: Restoring the Ruins – Rebuilding a Biblical Model of Education, Part 4 A Biblical education is focused on raising children who know God. In part 1 we learned we are to use all of the various strengths and … [Read more...]

Fall Bucket List for Homeschoolers

Check out these 25 ideas for the perfect fall bucket list for homeschoolers! hsbapost.com

  Fall is my very favorite time of the year, for wardrobe, food, activities, and even homeschooling. The colors, multitude of seasonal activities, and changes make it a perfect topic for many homeschool studies or just a bit of fun. I have come up with a list of 25 … [Read more...]

Homeschooling – The Ultimate Escape Hatch

Homeschooling -- the Ultimate Escape Hatch. hsabpost.com

I joke that the ONLY reason I homeschool my kids is so that I can winter in Florida. Of course like all good (and inappropriate) humor, there's a lot of truth buried within! For 5 of the past 6 winters that we've been in America, we've been fortunate enough to spend at … [Read more...]

Forge Unbreakable Family Bonds, Homeschool

Forge Unbreakable Family Bonds, HOMESCHOOL

My parents may have brought me into this world, wiped my bottom, funded the roof over my head, fed me occasional scraps, sewed the patches on all the hand-me-downs I wore, and generally loved me to death. BUT they failed in one regard - they failed to really bond with … [Read more...]

Homeschooling and Marriage: Four Ways to Find a Good Balance

4 Ways to Balance Marriage and Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a wonderful blessing, and I'm so glad we've made that choice for our family. But it's very easy, as a homeschooling mom, to be so caught up in the kids and curriculum choices and learning and teaching and driving kids around and...that our marriages suffer from … [Read more...]