Solutions for Your Over-Scheduled Homeschool


1.5 years ago I vowed I'd never do it again. In fact, I vowed I'd never even come close to doing it. Making my transgression even worse, I actually coach and advise homeschool parents on how to not do it. Yet here I am, Fall of 2016, pulling my hair out and suffering … [Read more...]

Paper and Mind, Or What I’m Reading Lately

A collection of interesting reads from around the web. Charlotte Mason, homeschooling, etc.

Okay, I will just fess up- I bookmarked these back in August! But my summer -and apparently Fall!-was busy. The very last two are newer. The mind clearing magic of Japan's pen-and-paper "planner culture"- Say it with me: "Bullet-Journal" Really, we are always trying to find … [Read more...]

Forget FREE, Homeschool For A Profit!


Money, A Blunt Instrument When it comes to homeschooling, with only one exception,....I'm a true liberal. So long as the kids' intellectual development isn't being sabotaged by TV, video games, and so-called smartphones I don't really care how they are being homeschooled. I … [Read more...]

2016 Digital Homeschool Convention

Free access to the Digital Homeschool Convention July 22-25. Don't miss the 30+ great sessions to encourage and inform homeschool families.

  Homeschool conventions are a great way to learn about different curriculum and meet new homeschooling families. Of course the sessions at homeschool conventions can be invaluable as far as encouragement and learning new things. However, due to time and budget … [Read more...]