Art Projects: Cartooning DVD Giveaway

Cartooning Lessons on DVD from See the Light

  Have you decided on your art curriculum yet? Do you need a little extra help with the lessons because art just doesn't come naturally to you? I can relate. Art is definitely one of those subjects that doesn't come naturally to me so I like to have great resources on … [Read more...]

6 Super Homeschool Curriculum Supplements

6 Super Homeschool Curriculum Supplements You Need! Math, science, art, history, + more!

  Does your homeschooling take a slower pace for the summer? Is it a time for you to work in some electives or interest-led learning that gets lost during your "regular" homeschool schedule? We homeschool year-round, but we definitely enjoy a slower pace during the summer … [Read more...]

Anchored Press: Planning with Faith

Read a review of the Anchored Press Planner. Includes Bible verses, prayer request pages, standard calendars, and more. Ideal for Christian moms.

  Planning is a part of life for most homeschool moms. With all the day-to-day plans along with lesson planning, many of us consider our planners to be an indispensible tool. Finding a planner that works for you is key, whether you follow a detailed plan or are more … [Read more...]

Educents Summer Stock Up Sale

Save this Memorial Day weekend with the Educents Summer Stock up Sale

  If you're planning your summer homeschooling session or thinking about what you need for next year, you'll want to check out the Educents Summer Stock Up Sale this weekend. It's a great chance to save some money, which we all appreciate, and get some ideas sorted out by … [Read more...]

Hands-On Summer Homeschooling

Need some fun ideas for summer homeschooling? Check out the hands-on summer homeschooling series at

  Are you ready to take a summer break in your homeschool or do you homeschool year round? We're year-round homeschoolers, but mainly because I firmly believe that learning is happening all the time -- it's a way of life! Whether you "formally" school through the summer … [Read more...]